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Working Papers

Sl.No Working Paper No. Author Title
101 WP2014-15/01 Sushanta Kumar Sarma Qualitative Research in No Research: Examining Allegations
100 WP2013-14/03 James, P S Aligning and Propagating Organizational Values
99 WC2013-14/01 James, P S Talent Management and Succession planning at Emerald Fertilisers Ltd (EFL)
98 WP2013-14/02 Madhu Veeraraghavan The Effect of Audit Quality on Idiosycratic Return Volatility
97 WP2013-14/01 Madhu Veeraraghavan Religious Beliefs and Local Government Financing, Investment and Cash Holding Decisions
96 WP2012-13/07 Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee Delphi-AHP Mixed Approach in Hospital Site Selection: A Study in Rural India
95 WP2012-13/06 Prof. Rajiv V Shah Direct Tax Incentives and Plastic waste-to-fuel businesses
94 WP2012-13/05 Prof. Kumar Mukherjee Assessment of Impact of Socio-demographic and Personal Factors on Tradeoff Made by People Due to Financial Stress from Medical Care in the USA
93 WP2012-13/04 Col. P. S. James & Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee Calibrating managerial effectiveness – an empirical study
92 WP2012-13/03 Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee A study on the evaluation of technical institutions using AHP
91 WP2012-13/02 Col. P.S James Breaking of path dependence to create innovative organizations-the role of constellation of transformational leadership (CTL)
90 WP2012-13/01 Prof. Pankaj Singh & Prof. Damodar Suar Health Consequences and Buffers of Job Burnout among Indian Software Developers
89 2012-13/01/WC (Working Case) Prof. Sulagna Mukherjee, Prof. Durga Prasad & Prof. Sudeep K. A logistic Conundrum
88 WP200804 Simon George Leveraging Brand Equity for Developing Appropriate Brand Extension Strategies.
87 WP200803 Saji K Mathew Risk mitigation in offshore software development: a relationship approach.
86 WP200802 Satyajit Majumdar Growth Strategy in Entrepreneur Managed Small Organizations in Auto Component Sector.
85 WP200801 Pratap Chandra Biswal Price Discovery in Futures and Spot Commodity Markets in India’,
84 WP200707 Saji K Mathew & Rajendra Sahu Success of Offshore IT Outsourcing:An Investigation into the Recent Outsourcing Engagements Involving.
83 WP200706 Natarajan R C Role of Goodwill and Competence Trust in Principal’s Monitoring of Agents:An Experimental Study.
82 WP200705 Anuradha R and Vidya Pratap Learning Imperatives through Deductive and Descriptive Data Collection Process.
81 WP200704 Saji K Mathew and Madhuchhanda Risks in Offshore IT Outsourcing:A Service Provider Perspective.
80 WP200703 Natarajan R C Goodwill Trust and Competence Trust in an Administered Channel Relationship: Are they Independent?.
79 WP200702 Satyajit Majumdar Growth Strategy in Small Entrepreneurial Business Organisations: A Conceptual Model.
78 WP200701 Vijaya V and Ajit Chakravarti Research Strategies for a Collaborative Approach in Dealing with People-Related Challenges.
77 WP200608 Bino Paul The Links of Escape from Poverty: A Study of Social Networks of Informal Sector Workers in Udupi.
76 WP200607 Satyajit Majumdar How do they plan for Growth in Auto Component Business?: A Study on Small Foundries of Western India.
75 WP200606 Saji K. Mathew Understanding Risk in IT Outsourcing:A Conceptual Fuzzy Framework.
74 WP200605 Jaba Mukherjee Gupta Exploratory Dialogues on Leadership Communication.
73 WP200604 Chowdari Prasad Sustainability of Foreign Banks in India: A Statistical Analysis.
72 WP200603 Lalitha Sreenath Enhancement of Human Capital through Diversity: “Vive La Difference”.
71 WP200602 Bino Paul Capability Achievement Link:Role of Knowledge and Institutions.
70 WP200601 Lalitha Sreenath Impact of Post Trips IP Regime on Indian Agriculture.
69 WP200532 Vijaya V Experiment in Educational Innovation:A Case Study of Programme Restructuring in a Management School.
68 WP200531 Jaba Mukherjee Gupta Management Education: Towards a Fusion of Horizons.
67 WP200530 Satyajit Majumdar Growth Strategy in Small Business Organizations:A Study on Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra.
66 WP200529 Vidya Pratap Management Students Seek Solutions to Environmental and Social Problems.
65 WP200528 Bino Paul An Enquiry into the Scientific Activity in Economics.
64 WP200527 Natarajan R C Learning and Learning Standards in Management Curriculam.
63 WP200526 Ramesh N Technological Progress of Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Missing the Trees for the Woods.
62 WP200525 Natarajan R C Franchising as a Distribution Strategy: A Conceptual Note.
61 WP200524 Vijaya V Managing Knowledge in a High Performance Construction Company.
60 WP200523 Lalitha Sreenath Performance Evaluation of the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction.
59 WP200522 Mohan Kumar An Evolutionary Framework for the Core Systems Course at TAPMI.
58 WP200521 Pratap Chandra Biswal Wavelet Analysis of Price and Volatility Spillovers in Stock Markets: The Case.
57 WP200520 Sankaran K Self-Conscious Organizations: Organizations Evolving Towards Tapping Potential.
56 WP200519 Rajagopalan R Unit-Linked Insurance Policies in the Indian Market – A Consumer Perspective.
55 WP200518 Lalitha Sreenath Insurance for the Company or Assurance for the Key Man?
54 WP200517 Satyajit Majumdar Strategic Leadership in Small MAFRS Organizations: An Empirical Study on MP & Maharastra.
53 WP200516 Lakshmi Sharma Does Ownership Structure Affect Capital Structure?:An Empirical Investigation of Indian Firms.
52 WP200515 Rajagopalan R Comparing Traditional Life Insurance Products in the Indian Market:A Consumer Perspective.
51 WP200514 Chowdari Prasad Prospects and Problems in Retail Banking in India.
50 WP200513 Anuradha R Factors Motivating the Choice of Specialisation of PGP 2 Students.