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Visting Faculty

Distinguished Visiting Professors 2016-17

S.No. Faculty Name Course
1 Prof. Arnold Mascarenhas Managerial Communications – I
Managerial Communications – 2
2 Prof. Amit Singh Designing and Managing Healthcare Delivery
3 Dr. Arun Mavaji Seetharam Designing and Managing Healthcare Delivery
4 Dr. Ashima Bhattacharjee Business Law
5 Dr. Ashish Sen Workshop on Emotional Intelligence
6 Prof. Avinash Paranjape Money, Banking and Monetary Policy
7 Mr. Balaji Chakravarthi Digital Marketing
8 Dr.Bibhu Prasan Patra Business Ethics
9 Ms. Bryal D’Souza Designing and Managing Healthcare Delivery
10 Chinmay R Panigrahi Business Process Management
11 Deloitte consulting Enterprise Risk Management
12 Prof Guruprasad R IT Consulting
13 Mr. Hemant Thukral Advanced Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management
14 Prof. KV Krishnamurthy IT Risk Management
15 Mr. R Koteswara Rao Rural Banking and Micro Finance
16 Dr Manthan D. Janodia Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Product Management
17 Prof Mohan Kumar IT for Business
18 Dr. Manoj M Ghadge Organizational Theory & Practice
19 Prof. Mallickarjun Yadav Mergers and Acquisitions
20 Ms. Malavika Harita Integrated Marketing Communications
21 Mitesh Thacker Technical Analysis (including investment note writing)
22 Prof. Naveen Narayana Basics of Accounting
Management Accounting
Financial Statement Analysis
23 Mr. Nirmal Nair Business in Media
24 Mr Nishith Mohanty Performance Management
Compensation Management
25 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Healthcare Law
26 Mr. Pramod Allamraju Consulting Skills & Approach
27 Mr. Pramod Fernandes International HRM
28 Prof. Pranjal Pachpore Strategy Simulation
29 Prof. Praveen Kamath Learning & Development
30 Mr. Ramakrishna Potluri Consulting Skills & Approach
31 Prof. Ramaswamy V Treasury Management
32 Prof. Ravindra Shanbhougue Business Law
33 Prof. B. Renganathan Private Equity and Venture Capital
Investment Banking
34 Prof. Richa Saxena Business Ethics
35 Mr. Sanjay Thirumalai Consulting Skills & Approach
36 Dr. Shruthi Mayur Organizational Theory & Practice
37 Dr. Shashidhar Acharya Quality Management in Healthcare
38 Prof. Sivaramakrishnan Competency Mapping &  Talent Acquisition
Business Leadership
39 Mr. Srinivasa Addepalli Mergers and Acquisitions
40 Prof. Soumitra Raj Retail Banking and CRM
Retail Banking
Bank Regulation
Bankruptcy and Reorganisation
41 Ms. Sonia Gandhi Corporate Governance and Ethics (BKFS)
42 Prof. Sudheer Reddy International Finance
Financial Modelling using MS-Excel and VB
43 Prof. Sujir Prabhakar Trade Finance
Risk Management in Banks
44 Ms. Swapna Jose Quality Management & Six Sigma Green Belt
45 Prof. Unnikrishnan Healthcare Industry & Public Health
46 Prof. Venkat Krishnamurthy Industry Analysis & Competitiveness
Retail Management
Logistics management
Strategic Management
47 Mr. Vikas R Gupta Options, Futures and other Derivatives
48 Prof. Vinod K Srivastava Services Operations mgt.
49 Viswanathan M.B Financial Engineering and structured finance
Risk Management in Banks
50 Mr.Vishwanathan Iyer Commercial Banking