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TAPMI Summer Internship Program

Summer internship is an integral course learning component, and this module is sandwiched between the first and second year of classroom study.  Starting in the first week of  April, the internship segment is typically for 2 months period.

Summer Internship program is an opportunity for the students to

  • Relate and apply concepts learnt in the classroom to real world problems
  • Integrate functional learning in a sectoral context
  • Apply (market) research concepts in a live business context 


For the Organization offering internship it is a great opportunity to

  • Study a problem or opportunity; generate new ideas
  • Obtain fresh insights or perspectives of stakeholders such as customers, channel and employees
  • Evaluate and implement internal or external processes/systems.


TAPMI believes that internship performance can either translate to a job offer or to high-quality learningthat creates confidence and career direction. We therefore drive this program by assigning a faculty mentor to supervise and guide the student.