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Research Support

Research Database

TAPMI subscribes to leading academic databases like Proquest and, Ebscohost, to support research. It has a repository of more than 10 corporate databases, and maintains more than 10 memberships of different organizations to access business cases and other reading materials. TAPMI has the largest Finance lab in India (

Funding and other Support for Research

    Professional Development Fund (PDF):

  • Eligible faculty members can avail Rs.1,25,000/- per year under PDF to meet their academic development requirements that also include specified categories of research support (such as data collection, attending conferences, etc.)  The PDF can be carried forward for a period of five years on a rolling basis.
  • Faculty Development Fund:

  • This fund acts as an additional source to support special research requests, such as the requirement of research support for newly joined faculty members not covered under PDF, and other special cases that may arise from time to time.
  • TAPMI Academic Research Grant (TARG):

  • TARG is an additional mechanism to meet research funding requirement (beyond PDF) to support faculty members (deserving cases/high impact research). There is provision to support five projects per annum with a maximum outlay of Rs 100000 per project.
  • Workload support:

  • TAPMI strives to limit the teaching hours of early career faculty, who are emerging researchers, to the zone of 150 hours. Where possible, the Faculty Review Team strives to provide a term off for research.