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Research is central to the vision of TAPMI. We aspire to be one of the leading business schools in management research in India. We would like to be distinguished through creation of an enabling ecosystem for research work, training as well as facilitating outstanding researchers, and designing interventions yielding social, cultural and economic benefits to community.

Research Vision: We aim to be among top 10 Business Schools in management research in India by 2022.

Going forward, TAPMI envisages a greater emphasis on academic research in management. There are high expectations from faculty to produce research work of excellent quality. The three major areas of focus for TAPMI would be quality, enabling ecosystem and impactful research interventions. The quality research at TAPMI is measured by publication in Top-ranked academic journals, with a high citation index. Currently, TAPMI encourages faculty members to publish only in A*, A, and B category journals listed in the ABDC Journal Quality List. Apart from promoting high quality research, TAPMI provides a very strong infrastructural support to develop an enabling ecosystem. TAPMI aspires to contribute to practice through impactful research interventions such as setting up a Center for Inclusive Growth and Competitiveness.

Quality Research Benchmarking Exercise Commissioned by TAPMI