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Beyond Curriculum

  • Leadership Assessment and development center (LADC): TAPMI has created the LADC center to map the personality traits, relationship quotient, and leadership potential of each student against the benchmark of qualities that a transformational leader should possess.The Center delivers the ‘be, know and do’ of leadership through a simple process.
  • Live projects: This is a new initiative to create a parallel learning track for students. In design, it works like a summer internship but with flexibility in terms of duration and timing. Students work on a live project for 8-10 weeks under the expert guidance of an industry guide and the mentorship of a faculty guide.
  • Career planning and counseling: Sessions on career planning and counseling will enable the students to choose the right electives and understand career opportunities, corporate expectations, and current industry trends.
  • Competitions: TAPMI encourages students to actively participate in competitions organized by Corporates and leading Indian b-schools. These include case studies, simulations, and presentations in strategy, marketing, finance, human resource, sustainability, IT & operations area.
  • Sectoral perspectives: Management program by design is intended to be sector agnostic/neutral and delivers functional learning or integrated business learning. When the graduates take up their job, the sectoral characteristics and the organizational language dominate the conversation. This is a departure from the functional framework learnt in the classroom. With a view to reduce the adaption time, going forward, we plan to identify sectors and roles where large proportions of studentsget placed and conduct workshops. This initiative will be taken up in the final term before graduation by which time the student will know the sector, organization and role for which he has been recruited . This initiative will provide the students a sharper perspective thus enabling them to get a quick start in their early careers.