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TAPMI International Research Conference on Reimagining People Management (TIRCRPM)


The modern workplace is changing, driven by technological advancements, economic disruption, increasing diversity, and changing demographics. These changes have brought forth challenges such as remote work adoption, employee well-being concerns, health and safety considerations, the establishment of new work arrangements, and the imperative of maintaining high levels of engagement within organizations. In response, the role of Human Resource (HR) management is evolving, and HR professionals have become instrumental in shaping this new reality.

The rise of remote work has necessitated the reimagining of traditional work setups. Simultaneously, employee well-being, health, and safety issues have taken centre stage. Establishing effective remote work arrangements while sustaining engagement has emerged as a significant concern, fundamentally altering how people are managed in organizational contexts. This shift has also forced a reconsideration of HR management’s traditional function.

In this rapidly changing scenario, HR professionals have emerged as essential stakeholders in shaping the future of work. They are at the forefront of guiding employees through the challenging transition into the hybrid work environment. This transition involves adapting to new work structures, safeguarding organizational culture, driving innovation, and ensuring equity in all aspects. HR professionals are uniquely positioned to provide leadership during times of crisis and to support organizations in implementing flexible workforce strategies. They serve as agents of organizational transformation and experts in managing uncertainty.

In light of the development above, this conference aims to bring together HR professionals, managers, leaders, and experts from various industries to discuss and explore the latest strategies, tools, and best practices in people management.