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TAPMI’s faculty are visionary researchers, experienced practitioners, erudite academicians and above all, great teachers. They bring a world of experience and knowledge from the industry, teach theory and the application of that theory in real-world situations, contribute to and are abreast with the latest research developments in their domain, and remain accessible, beyond the classroom.

Faculty at TAPMI are not just limited to academic teaching but are a part of seminars and conferences, of faculty exchanges with renowned Universities, conduct collaborative research, train industry personnel, occupy academic and administrative posts, giving students direct access to divergent perspectives and experiences amassed across different areas.

Faculty Profile Directory

A list of our faculty with their contact details, academic achievements and publications.

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Research at TAPMI aims at providing a better interface with the academic and business world. TAPMI has realized that research is the ability to think openly and inquire deeply into anything that is related:

1. Directly to better managerial practices

2. Indirectly to things that would eventually give rise to better managerial practice

3. To theoretical frameworks, that enable reassessment and refinement of managerial thinking.

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