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Master of Business Administration – MBA in International Business (IB)

Program Mission

The Mission of TAPMI’s new MBA-Master of Business Administration in International Business Program is “Global Leadership through innovation and integrated Value-Creation”. We aim to create well- rounded global leaders with a cross-functional and cross cultural orientation. Students are expected to jointly work with our faculty for achieving the following outcomes:

  • Mastery of the International Business domain with enhanced functional skills in cross country contexts
  • Taking initiatives under global uncertainty, with minimal guidance and supervision
  • Persisting with unfamiliar contexts, especially international ones, subject matter and platforms
  • Ability to interact and collaborate with people from across cultures
  • Clearly communicating arguments and listening to feedback, some of which may run counter to one’s own views
  • Understanding the need for and value of contribution beyond personal goals and achievements
  • Reflecting while taking decisions, limiting the need to be swayed by short-termism or other types of cognitive biases

Program Structure

The MBA-IB is divided into four semesters spread over two years of the Program. The first year covers courses like Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Finance , Economics , Human Resource s , Communication, Operations Management, Global Business Environment and Fundamentals of Strategy, to name a few. Second-year students can choose their courses from two tracks and a corresponding list of electives, subject to fulfilment of a set number of credits.


The MBA IB Program offers students the possibility to specialize in one of two streams

  • Global Strategy and Leadership, with special emphasis on the European Union and,
  • Global Transnational Management with functional
    The academic processes at TAPMI emerge from a high emphasis on experiential learning, values and ethics, global leadership focus, cross-cultural sensitivity and development of a balanced view of life. Every year, the list of electives offered may undergo a change.

Summer Internship

Students take up a project offered by corporate concerns during the eight weeks of summer internship at the end of the first year and spend this time accomplishing the goals set by the host organizations. This has also resulted in the generation of case studies by students. TAPMI has generated over 450 case studies authored by students and about 200 of them are registered at European Case Clearing House (ECCH) & IVEY, which are major international case clearing agencies

Study Abroad Semester

MBA IB students have the possibility to spend the 4th Semester of the program at one of TAPMI’s several partner universities / business schools around the world.

Foreign Language Policy

Students are required to undergo continuous and rigorous foreign language training throughout the program.

International Certification

Students have the opportunity to sit for specific International Certifications so as to increase their readiness for Global employment.

Master’s Thesis

This provides the student with an opportunity to acquire first-hand experience in applied research in International Business under the supervision of an experienced faculty. The student is also encouraged to disseminate the findings at reputed conferences or through publication in peer-reviewed journals.