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Research Promotion Committee (RPC)

In order to develop a strong research culture, TAPMI has constituted the RPC, a faculty-driven committee. It serves as TAPMI’s vehicle for promotion of research. The mandate of RPC is to promote academic research and research related activities, and build a strong culture of research at TAPMI, comparable to that of best management institute of the world. RPC is headed by Dean – Research.

Members of the Research Promotion Committee

    1. Professor Raghunath RUDRAN, Dean- Research and Chair
    2. Professor Kavitha RANGANATHAN, Associate Dean-Research, Member
    3. Professor Madhu VEERARAGHAVAN, Member
    4. Professor Srinivasan TATACHARI, Member
    5. Professor Tathagata GHOSH, Member
    6. Professor Ganesh CB, Member
    7. Professor Varun SHARMA, Member
    8. Director-Co-convener