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Research Promotion Committee (RPC)

In order to develop a strong research culture, TAPMI has constituted the RPC, a faculty-driven committee. It serves as TAPMI’s vehicle for promotion of research. The mandate of RPC is to promote academic research and research related activities, and build a strong culture of research at TAPMI, comparable to that of best management institute of the world. RPC is headed by Chairperson, Research.

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Members of the Research Promotion Committee

  1. Professor Raghunath RUDRAN, Dean
  2. Professor Sushanta Kumar SARMA, Associate Dean
  3. Professor Kartikeya BOLAR, Member
  4. Professor Kavitha RANGANATHAN, Member
  5. Professor Kedar JOSHI, Member
  6. Professor Kaushik BHATTACHARJEE, Member
  7. Professor Rashmi NARAYANA, Member
  8. Professor Prashant KUMAR, Member
  9. Director – Co-convenor