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Alumni Relations

What ARC stands for:

For an Indian B School to achieve the kind of phenomenal success that TAPMI has seen over the years is no small feat. A large part of it is owed to the prestigious 7000+ alumni base that the college has. The Alumni Relations Committee of TAPMI aims to enhance engagement among the students, faculty and alumni. It strives to serve the alumni, create opportunities for maximum engagement, recognize the achievements accomplished by the alumni and give them a platform to share their experiences and journey.

The alumni uphold a certain set of values and inculcate the culture of success by consistency across the lives of students. The motto of the committee is to connect, bond and network. It brings former students to maintain and strengthen the connection with their alma mater and fellow graduates. ARC relentlessly works to bolster connections with the alumni and create a vibrant community of individuals who add value to the institution.

The committee holds batch meets, city meets and international meets to connect with its stakeholders. Initiatives like Aspire and Vision have been brought on board to serve the purpose and ensure maximum interaction between the students and the alumni. These recurring initiatives have proved to be of tremendous benefit for all the stakeholders involved. It helps the current students understand the nuances of the corporate life which would in turn enable them to bring in leadership and style that can cater to a wider audience. It provides the alumni a platform to engage with the leaders of tomorrow and learn fresh new perspectives that they can leverage in their work. Ultimately, it leads to a symbiotic relationship where everyone connects, bonds and learns from each other.

Alumni Speak

“My idea about TAPMI hasn’t changed over the years. I believe that TAPMI provides the right academic environment and rigour that enables you to hone your management skills and develop your core competencies.” “I believe that the batch of 2008-10 will continue to excel and carve out a name for themselves among management intelligentsia and I wish each one of you a bright future ahead.”
Subhadip Barman, Manager (Global Core Banking COE) , Capgemini
“TAPMI prepares people for the modern workplace. Striking the difficult balance between developing the individual and the intellect is TAPMI’s unique capability.”
Gurudas Pai, Director, Debt Capital Markets, India The Royal Bank of Scotland
“At TAPMI, I was able to develop my skills on the basics required for any job – focus on execution and communicate articulately, other institutes had set process to follow for everything – placements, alumni communication, etc – at TAPMI we, the student body had to develop all these process ourselves – which was an invaluable learning experience.”
“Good to see such a large batch inaugurating the new campus. This batch seems to have the right mix of experience and enthusiastic freshers, which should help temper the batch with industry insights as well as provide fresh thinking in every classroom session. Wishing them all the best.”
Arun Arumugham, National Business Manager (OEM-India & South Asia), Intel
“One of the best times that I had – from every single perspective – academics, friends, and hanging out – The whole experience. Maybe that’s the killer combination that makes it work in the long run. It’s not a unidirectional experience, it‘s multi faceted.”
Rajesh Sheshadri, Senior Vice President (Content and Communication), National Geographic Channel