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Message from Dr. Raghunath Rudran

(Dean – Research)

The emerging new vision of TAPMI envisages a great emphasis on high quality academic research in management and knowledge creation, in addition to the traditional excellence in teaching. There are high expectations of our faculty with respect to management research that leads to high quality publications.

Over the last few decades, TAPMI had been known for its curricular and pedagogical excellence. During the journey to AACSB accreditation (2012) and reaccreditation (2017), TAPMI also began to seek better research outcomes from its faculty. This had indeed borne fruit for us, in the sense that the total number of publications in PRJs (peer reviewed journals) shot up from 1 in 2011-12 to 39 in 2016-17. TAPMI encourages its faculty to publish in journals listed under ABDC (Australian Business Deans Council) Quality List. Of our PRJ publications in 2016-17, two are A*, six A ranked journals and seven B ranked journals. We have reason to believe that if an independent agency were to evaluate us on the metric of quality publications under ABDC per faculty per year, we would now be among the top ten institutions in the country.

The UT Dallas’ Naveen Jindal School of Management has created a database to track publications in 24 leading business journals. The database contains titles and author affiliations of papers published in these journals since 1990. Using this database, UT Dallas has been preparing The UTD Top 100 Worldwide Business School Rankings and The UTD Top 100 North American Business School Rankings. TAPMI is no. 9 in The UT Dallas top 10 Indian business rankings based on research publications in top 24 leading business journals. Other than Indian School of Business, we are the only privately funded institution in that elite list.

TAPMI fully intends to continue this journey of creating quality knowledge creation. To facilitate this journey, it provides high-end research support in terms of academic databases that are required to carry out this research. Faculty is annually eligible for an attractive PDF professional development fund (that can be carried forward for five years on rolling basis, if unused in a year). Additionally, there is also in place, a system of TARG (TAPMI Academic Research Grant) that is meant to facilitate pursuit of quality research, thus further supplementing the PDF system. An attractive reward system is in place to encourage quality publications.

Our faculty are engaged in exciting areas of research. Dr Madhu Veeraraghavan is doing cutting edge research in the areas of Corporate Finance, Behavioural Finance, Auditing and Corporate Governance. Dr Anubhav Anand Mishra has research interest in the area of Consumer Psychology in Branding and Retailing. Dr Prashant Kumar has research interest in Marketing and sustainability, as well as Bibliometric methods. Dr Kavitha Ranganathan is working on Corporate Finance and Behavioral Economics (Judgment and Decision-Making). Dr Amol Dhaigude is working in the area of Supply Chain Management and Behavioural operations. Dr Madhu Sehrawat is working in the area of Financial development and human capital. Many of our other faculty are engaged in exciting research.

Our faculty have published in top ranked journals such as The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Journal of Brand Management, Tourism Recreation Research, Journal of Business Research, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Empirical Economics. Our faculty have also published cases in Ivey, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

We invite management researchers from all over the world to write to our faculty, collaborate, and partner in the exciting journey as well as the success!

For doctoral scholars and faculty who thrive on management research, TAPMI provides and promises an excellent environment.

Fellow travelers who would wish to contribute to the Vision outlined by our director are encouraged to aspire and apply for a full-time position at TAPMI.