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Balesh Lakshminarayanan and Anshul Jain

Balesh Lakshminarayanan and Anshul Jain Absyz, a startup founded by our alumni Mr. Balesh Lakshminarayanan and Mr. Anshul Jain from the Class of 2010 has been awarded the "Best Consulting Startup Award" by Startups World Network at the Indian Startup Entrepreneurship and Disruptive Innovation Awards 2016. Absyz is a dynamically [...]

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Arpita Khadria

Mobile World Congress We are happy to share that Signtist, an app developed by our Alumna's company, has been selected as one of the 8 finalists of the Mobile Premier Awards (Mobile World Congress) to be held in Barcelona, Spain. Our dynamic alumna Ms. Arpita Khadria (Class of 2008) is [...]

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M-Power by MGM : Shri K. Annamalai, S.P Udupi on Black Money, Hawala and Money Laundering: Perspective of Law Enforcement Agencies

Mr. K Annamalai was present in the Tapmi campus for the 4th session of M-Power organized by MGM. His experience and knowledge, being the SP of Udupi was apt to discuss the topic of black money and money laundering in India. He started the discussion by defining 'money laundering' in layman terms. There is [...]

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M-Power by MGM – “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” – Mr. Naru Radhakrishnan, Chief Client Officer – Millward Brown

In yet another engaging session organized by the Marketing and General Management Forum, Mr. Naru Radhakrishnan enlightened the students with his insights on social media marketing. Mr. Radhakrishnan is an alumnus of TAPMI who has more than 24 years of experience across media and digital space. He began the session by talking about the [...]

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Atharva 2016: Guest Lecture – “Invest in stock markets to beat inflation and to have a secondary source of income against an uncertain future” – Mr. Bharat Dave, Senior Manager, BSE IPF

In a session which was aimed at educating the students of TAPMI about stock markets and investment options, Mr. Bharat Dave began by giving a brief history of stock exchanges followed by that of the Bombay Stock Exchange. He discussed the rights, benefits and classes of investment, the working of the National and Bombay [...]

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M-Power by MGM – “We learn things the way we are taught”- Professor R.C. Natarajan, TAPMI

When it comes to Prof. R.C. Natarajan, "Unlearning" is also a case-based learning! In an engaging session organized by the Marketing and General Management forum at TAPMI, Prof. R.C. Natarajan gathered the views of students about their perceptions of unlearning. He also shared how at most times, what we perceive might not be what [...]

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M-Power by MGM – “A career in marketing is not for the faint-hearted!” – Professor Vinod Madhavan, Assistant Professor – Marketing Management, TAPMI

In a first of its kind session by the Marketing and General Management Forum, the students of TAPMI were involved in an enriching and informal session with Professor Vinod Madhavan. He spoke with an open heart and a free mind about the career prospects and challenges in the field of marketing and what lies [...]

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Anusha Shetty

Anusha Shetty We are happy to share an article that was featured on Times Of India about our alumna Ms. Anusha Shetty (Class of 1992) and her Digital Marketing company Autumn.   Autumn now profitably works with some of the biggest companies, including PepsiCo, Wipro, Burger King, Big Bazaar, Luminous, [...]

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Ritu Soni Srivastava

Ritu Soni Srivastava We are pleased to share that the Mobile app Startup founded by our alumna Ms. Ritu Soni Srivastava (Class of 2002) has been ranked as among the Top 5 Rising Indian Startups by Tech in Asia. Recently, Samsung has partnered with Obino as the default diet app [...]

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Rajeev Jain

Rajeev Jain Our esteemed alumnus Mr. Rajeev Jain (Class of 1993) has been awarded the title - India's Best CEO (NBFC Category) by Business Today. Mr. Rajeev Jain who is the MD-Bajaj Finance, is also a Member of the Governing Council of TAPMI. The Alumni Relations Committee wishes him and [...]

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