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Working Papers

Sl.No Working Paper No. Author Title
49 WP200512 Bino Paul Theory of Relativity: Some Perspectives.
48 WP200511 Sankaran K Challenging Certain Pedagogical Civens in MBA Education.
47 WP200510 Lakshmi Sharma Ownership Structure and Stock Liquidity-Evidence from Indian Market.
46 WP200509 Jaba Mukherjee Gupta Integrating Communication into the Restructured Programme.
45 WP200508 Madhuchhanda Das Aundhe Information Logistics Issues in Outsourced Knowledge Operations.
44 WP200507 Lakshmi Sharma Institutional Investors in Indian Commodity Markets:Issues and Perspectives.
43 WP200506 Natarajan R C Challenges and Opportunities from Own-Store Brands.
42 WP200505 Lakshmi Sharma A Gap Analysis of FIIs Investments-An Estimation of FIIs Investments Avenues in Indian Equity.
41 WP200504 Chowdari Prasad and Srinivasa Private Sector Banks in India:A Swot Analysis.
40 WP200503 Rajagopalan R Reverse Mortage Products for the Indian Market: An Exploration of Issues.
39 WP200502 Sankaran K Referents in Management Research-Towards Greater Consciousness of Intent and Process of Research.
38 WP200501 Bino Paul G D and Sankaran K Indigenous Knowledge and Fast Moving Consumer Goods-Are we Seeing Some Tradeoffs?
37 WP200306 Tripati Rao D and Romar Correa Saving, Lending and Interest Rates.
36 WP200305 Sankaran K Pure and Applied Research in Business-Whence shall Twain Meet?
35 WP200304 Rajagopalan R Valuing the Insurance Products in the Indian Market.
34 WP200303 Sankaran K Learning in the New Economy-Impratives of a Civil Corporation.
33 WP200302 Rajagopalan R Issues in Old Age Social and Income Security in India.
32 WP200301 Natarajan R C Impact of Learning Effect on Managerial Reaction to Demand Turbulence.
31 WP200105 Vidhu Shekar Jha Strategic Issues for Business Excellence and Benchmarking for Competing in the 21st Century.
30 WP200104 Rajagopalan R Abstracts of Cases Developed under Management in Practice PGP 1998-2000.
29 WP200103 Rajagopalan R Abstracts of Cases Developed under Management in Practice PGP 1997-1999.
28 WP200102 Rajagopalan R Abstracts of Cases Developed under Management in Practice 1999-2001.
27 WP200101 Pitabas Mohanty Financial Performance index and Economic Value Added: A Comparison.
26 WP200009 Biresh K Sahoo Measuring Technical Efficiency in Data Development Analysis.
25 WP200008 Vidhu Shekar Jha Strategic Issues in Supply Chain Management – An Indian Perspective.
24 WP200007 Thiruvenkatam Ravichandran Support Systems for Managing Innovation and Knowledge: Evidences from an Emerging Economy.
23 WP200006 Biresh K Sahoo Efficiencies and Returns to Scale in Life Insurance Corporation of Indian using Data Envelopment.
22 WP200005 Biresh K Sahoo Measuring Productivity Growth, Technical Progress, and Efficiency Change in India Steel Industry.
21 WP200004 Biresh K Sahoo Returns to Scale and Technical Efficiency in Indian Agriculture.
20 WP200003 Biresh K Sahoo Radical and Non – Radical Measures of Technical Efficiency in Data Envelopment Analysis.
19 WP200002 Thiruvenkatam Ravichandran Innovative Potency of an Organization.
18 WP200001 Pitabas Mohanty Exchange Ratio Determination Model for Demergers.
17 WP199901 Rajagopalan R Management in Practice:An Innovation from TAPMI.
16 WP199806 Pitabas Mohanty Valuation of Indian Shares.
15 WP199805 Pitabas Mohanty On the Cross-Section of Stock Returns:The Effect of Sample Size of the Research.
14 WP199804 Sunil Kumar Parameswaran Order Processing Model of the Bid-Ask Spread:The Indian Evidence.
13 WP199803 Tuhin Banerjee India’s Power Sector:A Study.
12 WP199802 Pitabas Mohanty Does Apt Work in India?
11 WP199801 Pitabas Mohanty On The Dividend and Bonus Policies of the Indian Companies.
10 WP199703 Regi Mathew Understanding the Relationship between Market Share and Distribution.
9 WP199702 Anil Kumar Revankar Alternate Approach to IPO Risk Management.
8 WP199701 Srivastava K B L HRD Practices and Experiences:Setting up the Agenda For Future
7 WP199603 Regi Mathew Content Analysis: A Tool for Management Research.
6 WP199602 Shivaprakash A R Management Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises.
5 WP199601 Simon George Speed as Strategy in Successful Product Creation.
4 WP199304 Varambally K V M Development Process and Income Inequlity:Empirical Study.
3 WP199303 Obaidullah M Credit Rating:How to Ensure Consistancy.
2 WP199302 Ganesh Kumar N Macro Economic Influences on Equity Market: Indian Experience.
1 WP199301 Ganesh Kumar N Exchange Rate Policy and India’s Exports in 1990’s: Some Empirical Evidence.