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International Collaborations & Partnerships

The T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) strives to be a global business school, with a mission of developing global wealth creators. The challenges of emerging business models and the changing realities of the global business environment require global resources. TAPMI believes that today’s business students and faculty must be sufficiently exposed to global markets as economic interdependence has gained eminence over geographic boundaries. We develop competent faculty and students to work in an increasingly interdependent world through specially designed international collaborative arrangements.

It is critical for leaders of today to have a global mindset to navigate through different cultures, economies, and markets. TAPMI’s collaboration enable students, faculty to interact with partner institutions abroad in order to deepen their global exposure. We groom students to become managers with an international outlook. Our exchange partners are selected based on their research excellence, teaching excellence and their fit with the TAPMI’s curriculum, structure, and academic calendar. A brief status of TAPMI’s initiatives on global business school linkages are given below:

Macquarie University

The TAPMI-Macquarie exchange program allows students to spend a term at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Opportunities are created to expand and enrich knowledge through the academic and cultural exchange in teaching, research and other programs and activities. The collaboration enables the exchange of students and faculty, joint research activities, joint conferences, and other academic meetings, exchange of academic materials and information.

Rennes School of Business, ECS Rennes, France

On the ten the March 2018, TAPMI participated in the Knowledge Summit in Delhi, India, a prestigious yearly event which enlighted the exponential collaboration between France and India in the area of the university and scientific collaboration. During this High profile congress, TAPMI was honored in revealing the depth of its ties with France with the signature of a new MOU in the presence of the Honorable Minister of Human Resource Development, Shri Prakash Javadekar and the French Minister of Higher Education and Research, Mrs. Frederique Vidal.

Following a more traditional exchange programme at Master level, a new step has been reached to tighten the ties between the two prestigious Institutions by including PhD student exchange. In 2018 three students are attending semester wide exchange at Rennes School of Business during the term September – December.

Emporia State University:
Taking another step towards nurturing future managers with a global mindset, TAPMI signed a MoU with Emporia State University, on April 11th, 2016. This paved the way for the institutes to work together on students and faculty exchange programs and also collaborative research projects.

University of Dubai:
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed with the University of Dubai for student and faculty exchanges.

TAPMI is also in talks with various universities such as Colorado State University USA, Gabelli School of Business Fordham University, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University, UK and Montpellier Business School France for academic linkages.


TAPMI’s MBA- BKFS Program is now an Academic Partner with the Global Association for Risk Professionals (GARP). An MOU was signed early this week embarking the same. The BKFS program is a rigorous program and our intent is that upon successful completion of the BKFS program graduates should be well positioned to pursue the FRM designation and most importantly be able to navigate the challenges of the risk management profession. There are only 40 Universities around the world that have aligned their Masters programs with GARP. TAPMI is the only Indian B-School to be accepted as Academic Partner of GARP. It joins top schools such as: University of Washington, Fordham, HKUST, University of Texas, Dallas, HK Poly, Tulane, Trinity College Dublin, NYU Stern and Rutgers. TAPMI logo is now featured on the GARP website

Support System at TAPMI for International Collaboration for Research & Teaching

TAPMI is looking for a long-term strategy towards more international joined research by setting up an environment where researchers would collaborate at an early stage in their journey. To support international research collaboration, TAPMI has initiated a fully funded faculty visit program to a reputed International University. Under the program, four faculties per year would be fully funded to undertake a visit to a reputed international university for a duration ranging 2 to 6 months. TAPMI is in talks with several universities to initiate joint teaching through technology in regular programs as well as Virtual Learning programs that TAPMI is launching this year.