Student Life


With an academic curriculum that emphasizes rigor and experiential learning and student-led events, fests, clubs, and committees, TAPMI offers myriad opportunities for involvement and growth. From LITCOM and the LIME club for literature nerds, Finomenal and Samnidhy for finance addicts, SPEED for Sports enthusiasts, DISHA for HR aficionados, Brandscan for marketing buffs to SCOPE for operations fans, immerse yourself in activities that reflect your interests.

Camaraderie, experience, and cooperation sit alongside academics, excitement, and fun to teach valuable lessons for life. Students work together, deepening relationships and reducing competition, creating a collaborative culture that encourages discussion and supporting each other’s success.

With TAPMI’s on-campus living, shared activities are a way of life. Whether it be the early morning scramble to classes or the late-night buffoonery during Inceptum, a quick huddle between classes to work out the details for QoTB or working till midnight to get things perfect for a presentation.