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The need for Healthcare is uncompromising and has thus created an unrelenting demand for Strong and able Managers in the Sector. TAPMI’s two year Post graduate Diploma programme in Healthcare management goes a step ahead in quenching this need by creating Leaders for the Healthcare Industry, who are trained with immense technical skills and whose managerial abilities are honed further by exposure to courses that go way further than the traditional courses offered in Hospital Administration and public health. Over the two years the students gain expertise, knowledge in finance, strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship attuned to the healthcare sector. In addition to hospitals and public health, the curriculum covers healthcare verticals like Biomedical Devices, Pharmaceutical Industry, Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Healthcare IT, to name a few.

H.E.A.T 2016 – Health Entrepreneurship Administration Technology

H.E.A.T is an annual event conducted by the Health Care Management students at TAPMI. This event consists of research paper presentations by academicians and industry professionals, business idea competition, participated by undergraduate and post graduate students from management schools and all courses offered related to the Healthcare Industry, panel discussions attended by esteemed professionals and also guest lecture series. H.E.A.T. 2016 will be conducted on 11th and 12th November 2016. This year the theme of the event is “Positive Disruptions in Healthcare System in India”

The events include

• Guest Lecture Series – COGNITO
• Panel Discussions
• Workshop- SYNERGIOS


The rapidity with which the Healthcare Industry is growing has created many challenges like increasing disease burden of both communicable as well non– communicable, numbers of the geriatric population and the need for their care and also the need to deliver quality healthcare services to the masses. The current scenario shows an increased growth in the Health Insurance, medical tourism and Health IT sectors and the factor fueling them has been the growing consumer demand and their changing preferences and expectations.

The purpose of H.E.A.T is to assess the impact of the three biggest drivers of this positive disruption namely Health Insurance, Medical Tourism , New Business Modelsand to evaluate the extent they have contributed to improve or change the performance \ evolution of healthcare system in India.


Healthcare is no more recognized as a social sector but as a GDP driver. The current scenario requires the alignment and cooperation of the healthcare industry with civil society sectors too. There is a growing realization that in the current phase of globalization, disruptive technologies and innovative governance arrangements will not only impact livelihood patterns and complexities of fiscal risk management but also can play a critical constructive role in sustaining of social sector policies with good outcomes in terms of coverage, level of benefits in the aggregate by all schemes and programs, with economic and fiscal jurisprudence This conference aims to explore the selected pension and healthcare issues in the above context.

Selected scholars are invited to submit original unpublished papers on topics relevant and has high potential in the health industry.

Papers will be primarily addressing the drivers of healthcare system evolution. Some of the topics covered are –new health policy directions for India, Data base and Data mining in healthcare , assessment of private health insurance industry, assessment of new business models in healthcare, contribution of traditional medicine in healthcare system , contribution of private sector pension plans etc.

Each papers has been assigned a discussant to encourage learning and dialogue.

Selected papers will be published in an edited book volume.


The conclave comprises of the following events and discussions that ultimately aim at encouraging the budding entrepreneurs in the Industry to shape their dreams in the form of formal plans as well imparting knowledge of the Industry through the workshop and panel discussions.



An idea has no form unless expressed. And once expressed, a commercial value to it adds flavour to the content. TAPMI Healthcare Business Idea Competition gives both undergraduate and post-graduate students a platform for students to bring out their novel ideas or innovative technology from healthcare sector and develop a business plan based around it.

Review by industrial experts would give more information about their business plan’s chances and helps to check its feasibility at the market place. The development of such innovative ideas related to products and/or services in the health care should not compromise on the mission of the healthcare Industry—Safe and Quality Patient care

The business plan formulated can be based on varied topics like innovations rampant in healthcare design and delivery, healthcare goods (drugs, devices etc.), healthcare technology, healthcare process like clinical management, healthcare operations , marketing sales and distribution in the industry, finance in healthcare, health insurance, telemedicine, etc., medical tourism, bio technology, developmental strategies in rural health care sector, newer advances in the industry (eg. robotic surgery ), innovative ideas for management of rare and chronic diseases, ideas that can be embedded into the health care schemes/policy making tasks.

The competition creates an environment for the students to bring out their hidden potential into the open



Moving beyond the usual definition of a workshop of intensive discussion and training of technical skills, Synergios, strives to offer a ground for budding entrepreneur to imbibe them a strong knowledge of establishment of new ventures in this rampantly growing industry, the pros and cons of it. This workshop is headed by popular academicians and industry professionals, who will cover the essential building blocks necessary for businesses to start, grow and prosper.

The key points covered will be Business value proposition, Analysis of the market competition, Determination of the keys to success in today’s business climate,. The Workshop will also address the challenges of running a start-up company, Building the foundation of a successful business model


The health care industry has been evolving with a number of challenges which requires an integrated approached solution from different domains of the same industry. To facilitate critical thinking and to provide insights to unexplored aspects of the health industry the event will have panel discussion with panelists representing varied domains in the Industry . The budding graduates will also get an opportunity to interact with these professionals during the sessions.

The themes are as follows:

Panel Discussion 1: Medical Tourism: The Impact so far and bottlenecks in moving forward”

The medical tourism industry in India is expected to one of the biggest drivers of the disruptions in India’s healthcare system. The panel will assess the impact of the medical tourism industry in India’s health system. What has been achieved so far and what are some of the bottlenecks in the development of the industry”.

Panel Discussions 2: “New Business Models in Healthcare”

As global forces are reshaping the way Healthcare delivery is done, providers need to improve on their efficacy of service and quality by way of introducing innovative, lasting yet dynamic business models in the sector. The panel would thus follow this pattern of discussion’

Panel Discussion 3: “Health Insurance as a Driver of Disruption in Healthcare Sector in India”

Indian Insurance Sector alone is expected to quadruple over the next ten years and it’s a great business opportunity to be harnessed upon by everyone related to the industry. It outshines other domains of the Industry in being as the most promising, with changing consumer patterns, rising middle class income groups, people recognizing the need for insurance and also for retirement planning.

COGNITO – Guest Lecture Series

Guest Lectures that provide an opportunity to hear from high-profile individuals from the professional and business world from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Informative, stimulating and even controversial, these talks can open up new perspectives to the happenings across the healthcare industry, support professional development and also help build network of contacts.

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