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SPEED 2018


Sprained ankles, intense competition, and shouts of exhilaration characterizes the Annual Sports Extravaganza, SPEED at TAPMI. As is evident by the name, the event produces edge of the seat thrillers, unlimited entertainment, and splendid performances. This is the longest event on campus organized by the sports committee of TAPMI. It stirs healthy rivalry and brings about mixed emotions in students, inculcating values of team spirit and compassion. The concept of SectionWars comes alive during SPEED where all the sections compete against each other as well as the faculty and staff to get their hands on the coveted trophy.

Students and faculties compete in as many as 8 different sports and games like basketball, football, cricket, volleyball, throwball, badminton, table tennis, and athletics. It is conducted at a wide variety of venues on and off campus. While basketball, volleyball, throwball and table tennis are played under lights within the campus, football and cricket are conducted at the end point ground. Football’s an 11-a-side intense affair whereas cricket follows the T20 format. Athletics and badminton are conducted off campus.

In a place like TAPMI, which is known for its academic rigor, SPEED is not just a mere sporting tournament but it is a platform that allows the participants to be their best self. It provides a sense of unity, brings classmates and students closer to each other. It also helps develop life skills such as leadership, discipline and team building, all of which results in achieving collaboration. To keep the campus lit throughout the year, the committee also organizes other events such as night cricket, PGP1 vs PGP2 exhibition matches and futsal.

Night Cricket: The sports committee kick starts its year by conducting its first event, The Night Cricket Tournament in the month of September. This tournament makes it mandatory for every team to have at least one girl in their team, making it a point to encourage girls to take up sports and bring about a much needed, positive change to the usual norms.

PGP1 vs PGP2: Every year after the heavy monsoon at TAPMI, the ground is officially opened for the use of students in the month of October. This is to practice for the highly anticipated exhibition matches for both boys and girls, in Basketball, Volleyball and Throwball. It is an event where the whole of TAPMI comes together, emotions are poured out, screams echo through the night and the bragging rights are won.

Futsal: It is a 5-a-side Football tournament which is conducted on campus in the month of November. It involves heated competition amongst all the sections of PGP 1 and 2. Irrespective of when the match is played, be it under the scorching sun or the pouring rain, students are enthusiastic to play as well as watch their team fight it out in the beautiful sport.

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