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SPEED 2018

The flagship event of the Sports Committee of TAPMI, SPEED was conducted in 14 days with 8 sporting events and across a wide variety of venues both on and off campus. Participation from students to staff to faculty alike is always the highlight of this tournament that focuses on team play and cooperation. 17 teams compete to be the champions in a variety of sports like Athletics, Cricket, football, basketball, throw ball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. SPEED gives an opportunity to all the participants to enhance their leadership skills and promotes a sense of fair play and discipline The event fosters a sense of unity within the campus and has TAPMI buzzing about all the edge of the seat thrillers from the previous days right throughout the course of the tournament. SPEED ensures that students learn to balance sports and academics with ease.

SPEED 2016

Sprained ankles, intense competition, and shouts of exhilaration characterize the Annual Sports Extravaganza at TAPMI. Modeled on the Olympics, they last for more than a month. As is evident by the name, the event produces edge of the seat thrillers, unlimited entertainment, and splendid performances.

Students form teams and battle it out in 12 different sports like Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Football, and Cricket etc. for the ultimate honor of being the Speed Champion. The games are conducted across TAPMI, MIT/KMC courts, End-Point Grounds and Marena Sports Complex. All teams play their matches as early as 6am to ensure disruption-free classes, reflecting the true passion of students who balance sports and academics with equal ease.

SPEED gives an opportunity to all the participants to develop and enhance their leadership skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and more importantly grow as an individual in the process.

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