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Inceptum, an intra-college, week-long cultural fest conducted by the Literary Committee (LitCom) of TAPMI is celebrated in August every year as a means to break the ice between the juniors and seniors.After a rigorous week of primers, when the newly inducted batch is overloaded with assignments and presentations – Inceptum serves to invigorate the entire batch.

The Inceptum theme is decided and the PGP 2 batch is divided into five teams each lead by one member. Once the Pre-Inceptum promotion week sets in, each team showcases its team name through a series of promotional games that start five days prior to the actual induction of juniors into each team. During this, the juniors are kept unaware and are surprised by the promotional activities that the seniors organize. The main motive is to get as many juniors to support their team. All the juniors have to do is pick a team and support it without even knowing the actual name of the team leading to chaos and dilemma on their end.

Inceptum kick starts with the introduction of the EPICOM (judges), the new addition to the LITCOM team, and the Junior Litcom members. Following this, each team is given an opportunity to unveil their own team name and selected juniors are formally inducted into their teams.

Now the charged and delighted juniors as members of their teams make new bonds, interact with different people, and yet come together for their team. Inceptum begins with games, with each team competing fiercely against one another. The Inceptum week ends with a formal valedictory function where the teams are given a final chance to perform on stage and one team is declared the winner, bringing down the curtains on the extravaganza that is Inceptum.

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