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Leadership Assessment & Development Center

The Leadership Assessment & Development Center (LADC) at TAPMI is a Center that gives a competitive advantage in leadership competencies to TAPMI students and the industry at large. The Center nurtures people to be transformational leaders rather than merely transactional leaders, who can navigate organizations through the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment and lead them to wealth and accomplishment.



Modern research underscores the importance of the development of leadership competencies as management students are selected for leadership positions in companies. Yet, all business schools focus on the enhancement of only the technical abilities, leaving the leadership skills to be developed as a by-product.

The Center seeks to address this gap. Unlike B-Schools all over the world, which may have a course on leadership, LADC engages with each student to develop their core leadership capabilities.

Process of Transformational Leadership

The Center delivers the ‘be, know and do’ of leadership through a simple process:

  • Transformational Leadership Self-awareness- The first step is conducted using an innovative, evidence and protocol-based advisory approach. A series of integrated psychometric tests are used to identify transformational leadership capacities of the student. Traits and behaviors at the individual, interpersonal and transformational leadership level are analyzed and then integrated to generate four razor sharp, customized and individual specific insights – strengths, the key driver, synergy generators and synergy denuders. A gap analysis, therefore, reveals what the student needs to do to be a good transformational leader and what he/she is at the moment. For example, the student may not be open-minded enough and needs to develop that quality.
    Specially trained faculty called Faculty Advisors and second year students called Associate Advisors integrate these results anchoring on the multi-dimensional leadership questionnaire (MLQ). Based on the MLQ, an individual leadership report (ILR) is generated which becomes the basis of a one-on-one friendly advisory with the student. This one-hour session with a trained faculty is used to discuss, identify and talk about the gaps in leadership competencies that have been generated through psychometric tests and collaborated with the faculty’s own experience.
    Administered to about 450 students, the first step takes about a month necessitating stringent recording and quality control.
  • Strategizing Leadership Self-Development Plan: Drawing on the advisory, the second step involves the development of the gaps in the leadership competencies. Our emerging leaders strategize their individual transformational leadership development plan and through a series of 300 sessions identify the ways in which these areas can be developed. They also generate an inventory of experiences using leadership journal and reflect on them using Kolb’s learning model. The Center supports and guides from a distance as self-learning sets the pace.
  • Developing Core Leadership Competencies. The last phase of this journey is an immersive experience to fine tune transformational leadership competencies related to the leadership roles of direction setting, creating alignment and creating engagement through our flagship course on leadership.

Corporate Training

The Center also offers leadership training for a group of 20-30 corporate personnel who are trained on all the 3 steps of transformational leadership.

Triple quality assurance

  • First level- Generation of the ILR by Trained Advisor Associates
  • Second level- Checked by the Faculty Advisor
  • Third level- Approval by the Technical Advisor before the advisory process

The TAPMI Edge

  • Evidence-based approach
  • Triple Quality Assurance
  • High Redundancy through multiple tests
  • One on one personalized style


Administered to over 500 students, the first step takes about a month necessitating stringent recording and quality control.

22 specially trained faculty members
25 specially trained advisor associates

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