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Sustainability @ TAPMI

Our mission at TAPMI is to excel in post graduate education, research and practice. We do this by nurturing and developing global wealth creators and leaders. We firmly believe that every part of an organization is affected by a sustainability related topic and must align itself with sustainability principles while defining its strategy, structure and business models.

TA Pai Centre for Sustainability and Competitiveness (TCSC) is the hub for all sustainability related activities at TAPMI, and leads/supports activities including agenda setting, external relations with relevant stakeholders, collaborations with other sustainability related organizations/institutions, program management and reporting at institutional level.

The Manipal Model

T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) has committed itself to training students in the triple bottom approach towards sustainability. With this in mind, social, environmental and economic sustainability are front and centre to the training imparted to students who are set to become future managers and path bearers towards making sustainability essential to the economic and development dialogues of nations.

As a first few steps, TAPMI, and specifically the TA Pai Centre for Sustainability and Competitiveness (TCSC), have looked at inculcating aspects of sustainability with a three-pronged approach – spreading across its curriculum, its research and its project and partner involvement.

With regard to sustainability at the level of the curriculum, TAPMI has ensured that all students are introduced to concepts of sustainability and responsible business through the two-credit course titled ‘Sustainability, Responsibility and Managerial Ethics’. Students have also been given the opportunity to engaged directly with field stakeholders through the project-based two-credit course titled ‘Society, Environment, Values & Attitudes’. This course works directly with project partners across the local communities including non-governmental organisations, micro-entrepreneurs, local businesses, non-banking financial institutions, self-help groups and other research and teaching institutions that engage in the sustainability dialogue. TAPMI students, work closely with these partners and stakeholders to identify problems faced by them and to facilitate possible business,
operational and strategic solutions.

Our research agenda is likewise driven by the need for original thinking, clear evidence and rigour to find solutions to the pressing challenges of our times.

TAPMI and TCSC uses fills the knowledge/ skill/ technology/ linkage gaps and connects small producers and small consumers to the larger economic systems present today. This process is completed with support from our partners and collaborators who are critical to bridging the existing gaps in the market.

With these basic processes and the longer impact in mind, our institution and our centre aim to workin collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that value is added to all players in the larger economic and development scene across geographies today.

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