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Mr. Sunil Kashikar, VP Resource Management Group at Zensar Technologies gave a talk highlighting ‘The various global human capital trends’.

As part of the ongoing expert talk series at TAPMI, the college once more opened its arms to another distinguished personality – Mr. Sunil Kashikar, VP Resource Management Group at Zensar Technolgies. Mr Sunil began his talk highlighting the various global human capital trends. He focused particularly on Survey 2015. Survey 2015 is among the largest longitudinal studies of talent, leadership and HR challenges. More than 3300 HRs from 106 countries participated in the survey this year. The survey focused on the ten major functions of a HR in a company such as leading, reinventing, engaging and reimagining. The top five human capital trends are leadership, learning & development, culture and engagement, reinventing HR and performance management.Zensar collage

The greatest challenge for the HRs of today is the low level of readiness as well as the preparation required to address these trends. Most Indian firms were of the opinion that leadership was the most important concern and action area for businesses in India. Companies are struggling to develop the right kind of leaders and are developing accelerated leadership models. Following leadership was then learning and development which was a significant area of concern. Increasing skill gap has made companies develop new approaches towards the same. In today’s world with a plethora of opportunities, it is imperative that organizations retain employees and help them embrace the culture of the organization. Hence it is necessary that employees are suitably engaged. Innovative performance solutions are tackling yet another concern namely performance management which is of immense importance in an organization. Performance management and talent acquisition remain challenges for the short term while learning and development still remains a long term challenge. He then went on to explain the increasing relevance of HRs in today’s world. Mr Sunil cited an example of an organization which sought business potential in Ghana. The HRs of the organization were instrumental in recruiting local talent to help realize the business potential. HRs are increasingly leveraging social media to help in recruitment. To conclude, he said HRs are no longer considered to be a problem to the business, they are increasingly providing means to facilitate better operation of the existing business.

Jul 2015