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Session by Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions sharing his experience.

TAPMI hosted the next instalment in the CxO Leadership Lecture series by inviting Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions on September 29th 2014. He was accompanied by Mr Ashish Parikh, CFO at Systech Solutions.

Mr Arun started the lecture by speaking about TAPMI and the recent infrastructural developments that have happened in the campus with special mention about the state-of-the-art Bloomberg Lab. He expressed heartfelt gratitude for the founder of TAPMI, Dr TMA Pai who has been an inspiration for many.

He went on to speak about the recent technological changes that are happening in Analytics and importance of storing data and the information that is extracted from data. He said that practical application is more important that mere theoretical knowledge.
According to Mr Arun, it is very important to take decision quickly, especially given the fast paced times in which we live. He gave examples about the how government has started hiring fresh MBA graduates in order to strengthen their skills in the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics. The corporate investments in Big Data technologies has also increased manifold, with companies ready to pay third party vendors in order to get information in visual format for quicker decision making.

He spoke about the way the focus has shifted from manufacturing to the customer and how importance it is to achieve sustainability in the technological advancements we are making. According to him, In the current scenario focus should be on innovation and entrepreneurship.
At the end of the session he invited questions from the students and answered them with real life examples. The students found the session highly informational and insightful and benefitted from the experience and knowledge shared by Mr Arun Gollapudi. The TAPMI family stays highly indebted to Mr Arun and Mr Ashish for taking time out from their busy schedules and thanked them for the interaction.

Oct 2014