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Need for L.E.A.D. Programme

The Post Graduate Certificate program in Leadership through Analytics and Decision Sciences (L.E.A.D.), jointly developed by TAPMI and Mu Sigma, envisions the creation of global leaders in the world of decision sciences and analytics who can create value for Fortune 500 customers. The vision is borne out of 5 key needs:

  • A new breed of Leadership that can lead at a young age by taking risks, displaying entrepreneurship mettle, and a constantly learning mindset
  • New Organizational culture that thrives on change, encourages emergent behaviour and operates as a network of teams
  • New Learning modes that simulate real-world experiences in the context of solving business problems and upskill a student’s mindset in addition to skillset and toolset
  • New Problem-Solving approaches that use first-principles thinking, apply a cross-industry/functional lens and innovate through experimentation
  • New Talent to fulfil the growing demand for analytics – It’s not just that there are many careers in analytics, but that every career needs one to be analytics-enabled