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PVC – MAHE Bengaluru Message


Dear BBA Aspirant,

It’s a pleasure to greet you from the world-class, new MAHE Bengaluru Campus. This admission brochure is for the BBA course with an honors option, brought to you by the T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI). As you browse through the brochure, you will understand how to enroll in the course, what specific courses to choose and how to make the best use of your time at TAPMI, once you get yourself successfully admitted.

I am using this space to tell you about how we designed this course, why certain unique components were added to the curriculum, how we plan to guide you through the three/four years you will be with us and, more importantly, how you will feel empowered, enriched and enabled to face the world after you successfully finish the course.

The TAPMI BBA with an Honors option is not a plain vanilla 3-year undergraduate management program with an Honors year thrown in. It has been designed for it to be relevant when you graduate, for you to be ready when you enter the real world and for it to be able to give you the returns that you expected from it. In other words, what you studied should be useful when you graduate, just as you should be useful to your future employers or collaborators. Whether you choose to find yourself a job or study further or start your own enterprise, the TAPMI promise is that the course will be most useful not only to you but to all those who associate themselves with you. They will find you to be a future-ready management graduate with the knowledge, skills and outlook necessary to create a top-notch place in the world for yourself.

The TAPMI BBA is structured in a unique way. You will spend the first year strengthening the building blocks for the further years. You may come from either a liberal arts, science, or business studies background. But when you enter the second year, you will be ready to imbibe and fully understand the foundational principles of management and the basic business skills required to transact in the world of management. The third year will offer you an array of options to choose your specialization from. If you so wish, you may exit the course here with a regular BBA degree. But should you continue for the fourth year, you set yourself to become an Honors scholar. And with three options to boot. If research has your fancy, you may choose to do your pre-research work with a TAPMI faculty member at Manipal. If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey by starting your own business or joining an existing business, you can draw upon TAPMI’s resources to smooth that process. The Advanced Specialization track sets you up for an outstanding and accelerated career path. The curriculum is designed to make you perform at unprecedented levels in the industry, and you will be way beyond thinking of an immediate domestic Master’s degree.

Read this brochure carefully; show it to your parents, mentors, advisors and/or well-wishers and make your choice of joining the TAPMI BBA with an Honors option. We are ready to welcome you to the wonderful world of higher learning and of opportunities. Choose the TAPMI BBA, and you will congratulate yourself all your life on your choice!

Prof Madhu Veeraraghavan
PVC – MAHE Bengaluru