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Director’s Message

‘’May all beings experience wellness, at all times, everywhere, under all conditions’‘ is an ancient Indian aphorism that encapsulates in a few words the deepest and all-encompassing sense of the term ‘sustainable’. It designates rights and responsibilities, includes in one sweep all beings, society and our natural environment, ensures inter-generational justice by bestowing equal opportunity to all, distributing wealth equitably and granting to each of us, the freedom to pursue our individual destinies.

TAPMI is fortunate to be situated in the lap of nature. TAPMIANS share space on a daily basis with flora, fauna and communities at the edge of a forest barely 50 kilometres from one the planet’s richest biospheres – the Western Ghats. The sun powers more and more of our buildings and appliances, our water is increasingly recycled, our food shared and our host communities partners in progress. As a PRME advanced signatory, our commitment to the SDGs is deep and a core value driven by innovative curricula, original research, comprehensive projects, continuous student engagement, global collaborations and symbiotic industry connect, centred around the role of business in creating an inclusive, equitable and sustainable world and the role of future managers in achieving that end.

Invite you to join us in this exciting journey.

Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan