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Experiential Learning

TAPMI ensures that students get a holistic experiential learning through various industry focused live experiences. This is where students learn to be managers and apply their classroom knowledge to solve complex business problems. These activities comprise of the Summer Training, Winter Project, Student Managed Investment Course (SMIC), live projects and simulations. These activities help TAPMI nurture talented individuals, empower them to face tough business challenges and find creative solutions for the greater good of the organizations they work for.

Student Managed Investment Course (SMIC)

The BKFS program requires students to undergo Student Managed Investment Course (SMIC) with each student provided Rs. 25000 each resulting in a corpus of Rs. 10 lakhs to invest in real markets. This fund is managed as a professionally run entity by the students selected through a rigorous process for this course. The objective of SMIC is to provide experiential learning by enabling students to make investment decisions in the BSE/NSE listed companies. TAPMI is the only business school in India to run a course where students are given real money to invest in financial markets. This unique opportunity gives TAPMI students a deeper understanding of the realities of financial markets and institutions better than the peers. The process of defending their investment decisions to a panel of senior industry experts and faculty prepares them for the challenges they will face as they step out of the confines of the academic environment.

Summer Training (MIP)

Experiential learning is the underlying philosophy of all TAPMI programs and learning from the experiences of industry practitioners is an effective way of ensuring it. The PGDM-BKFS program of TAPMI includes eight weeks summer training during the months of April and May positioned in-between the first and second year of the program. Students undergo first four weeks of summer training at State Bank Staff College (SBSC) Hyderabad in the area of banking. This training is handled by senior managers at SBI and focuses on the practical loan appraisal and loan structuring aspects of bank operations.

The next leg of the summer training involves four weeks training in capital markets at the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) Mumbai. Industry practitioners train students in the areas of stock selection, investment decisions, and portfolio management. This exposure not only equips students with the requisite practical skills but also helps students to identify and choose Banking or Capital Markets as their area of specialization in the second year. Summer Training at Practitioner Training Institutes is a unique feature of the TAPMI-BKFS program that makes the students industry ready at the initial stages itself.

Winter Project

TAPMI’s PGDM-BKFS curriculum is designed to make top notch managers and leaders. That’s why we stress our focus on learning beyond the four walls. The 14-week winter internship during the sixth term is aimed to help students learn to be managers and go beyond textbooks to solve complex business problems. TAPMI’s 14-week winter internship gives students an opportunity to relate classroom concepts to live application in an integrated and organizational environment. They intern across functions, verticals, and horizontals. Every student goes through continuous in-house development program (CIHDP) prior to the internship process. This internship not only helps students develop practical business skills and decision-making capabilities but also helps the Corporates to evaluate the student intern in a holistic manner.