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SDG Cluster 3, 5, 6

Blood Donation drives (2018)

“October 16, 2018: ‘Daan Utsav’ – The Social Endeavor Group of TAPMI in collaboration with Kasturba Medical College organized a Blood Donation Drive in the TAPMI campus as a part of Daan Utsav formerly known as Joy of Giving, a festival  of philanthropy. India today faces a shortage of over 12 lakh units of blood, which is due to lack of awareness about blood  donation. To increase awareness and spread the importance of blood donation, a drive was conducted. The collection drive  was a huge success with 115 units of blood collected from the college students and faculties.”

Blood Donation drives (2019)

On 12th August 2019, the Social Endeavor Group (SEG) of TAPMI collaborated with the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal to conduct a blood donation camp at TAPMI.The event was inaugurated by Director, Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan at 9.30 AM. The event was a marked success with 134 enthusiastic donors volunteering for this noble cause. Headed by Ms. Pavithra Swarna, the team from KMC comprised of 4 doctors and lab technicians. Before accepting blood from an individual, they conducted a basic health check-up to ensure that the individual is healthy enough to donate blood. Ms. Pavithra Swarna explained the importance and need for such events. KMC was grateful that the camp was conducted in mid-August. Due to the peak rainy season, there has been a rise in Dengue cases. Apart from that, there is always a constant requirement of blood for cases related to trauma, cancer, and pregnancy. Ms. Pavithra stressed the importance of the FRS method of blood donation through which more platelets can be collected. Owing to the short cell-life of platelets and their constant need (especially in this season), she hoped many of the young students volunteered to visit the KMC for blood donation they conduct every Sunday.

SDG Cluster 2,12

Bucket Distribution Drive

Team SEG’s Green Initiative of adopting Reusable Plastic has got massive participation from the students of TAPMI. The event was conducted from 20th June – 23rd June 2019. A total of 350 buckets, 150 mugs and 250 dustbins were offered, of which, 213 Buckets, 123 mugs and 171 dustbins were collected by the students.

SDG Cluster 4,9,11

Computer Certification Programme

SEG has designed a computer certification program for students of class 4 and 5 at the Academy Primary School, Manipal. The idea is to get them acquainted with the basics of computers since it is the most important and indispensable skill required in today’s time. SEG team has designed a course book in Kannada for the students and in English for the volunteers covering all the topics along with fun exercises to apply and test the knowledge gained by the students through these sessions. The interested students at TAPMI volunteer and conduct sessions twice a week along with SEG members. At the end of the course, the students are evaluated based on a test to gauge their level of understanding. The students are then provided with a certificate subject to them clearing the exam.


Kerala flood relief fund drive

SEG successfully conducted the Kerala Flood Relief Fund Raising Drive and with the help of TAPMI fraternity raised a generous amount of INR 1,53,500 which were used for procuring various items of necessity. The Rotary club Manipal and District Commissioner of Udupi have helped us in transporting all the procured items to Mangalore coast guard from where it was airlifted in order to serve the rehabilitation centres.


TAPMI and TCIGC has been working actively with sectoral partners in the path towards bringing sustainability solutions to the problems of local communities that we engage with. Our partners enable us to link small consumers and small producers to better financiers, better skill and capacity building opportunities, better market linkages and to young minds and student interventions. In the last few years, we have actively worked with our partners to learn, solve, immerse, address and experience sustainability, local community needs and business in our geography.

Our partners come across various spectrums including educational institutions, non-governmental organisations, entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals.