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Recruit Interns

TAPMI ensures that students get a holistic experiential learning through the eight-week internship process. This is where students learn to be managers and apply their classroom knowledge to solve complex business problems.

TAPMI nurtures talented individuals and empowers them to face tough business challenges and find creative solutions for the greater good of the organizations they work for.

MIP (Management in Practice)

TAPMI’s curriculum is designed to make top notch managers and leaders by focusing on learning beyond the four walls.Management In Practice (MIP) is our summer internship course, but more importantly, it is also our philosophy. This is where students learn to be managers and go beyond textbooks to solve complex business problems. MIP has been recognized and acclaimed by the industry and the management fraternity as an innovation in management education.

TAPMI’s eight-week summer internship course, MIP, gives students an opportunity to relate classroom concepts to live application in an integrated and organisational environment. They intern across functions, verticals, and horizontals. Every student goes through continuous in-house development program (CIHDP) prior to the internship process. MIP helps students develop practical business skills and decision-making capabilities while the Corporates gain insights from some of the brightest minds. Our placement records have consistently validated our claim of producing creative managers as internships to PPO conversions have significantly increased year after year.

How MIP works:

  • In MIP, real life managerial issues faced by organisations are identified, analysed and discussed by the students under the direct supervision of an industry guide.
  • Possible solutions to the problems are hit upon and presented to the organisations for implementation.
  • A member of the faculty works as an academic guide for a group of students.
  • The academic guide is a coach and helps students blend management theories and concepts with current business and managerial issues faced in the real world.


Effectively bridging the gap between classroom learning and corporate business,all stakeholders in the MIP program stand to gain. Benefits to the stakeholders include –


  • Experiential learning within an organisational set up; appreciation of the in-class learning
  • Opportunity to work under the expert guidance of a practicing manager

  • Opportunity for career planning while remaining informed about real life situations


  • Value addition through participation in project work of direct interest to the organisation
  • Direct access to faculty expertise available with TAPMI

  • Opportunity to participate in TAPMI’s industry-institute interaction process

Faculty and TAPMI:

  • Faculty get an opportunity to work on some area of research interest.
  • Inputs for updating the curriculum to make it industry relevant.

  • Opportunity to develop teaching material based on real life situations.

Top Recruiters

Top companies that recruit bright minds from TAPMI – Microsoft, Deloitte, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Robert Bosch, IBM, Titan, Idea Cellular, Wipro, Gartner.