Academy Primary School: Computer Certification programme

Computer education is an important part of curriculum in most of the schools affiliated with CBSE board. However, due to lack of infrastructure in some school computer education is ignored or not at par with the required standards. Hence an initiative was taken to provide computer education to students from these schools. With the help of volunteers from TAPMI. A syllabus was prepared with the help of faculty members of Madhav Krupa School and IT department of TAPMI. Syllabus was divided into sessions and more activities were included. Some of the challenges faced were:

  1. Language barrier: For each class some Kannada speaking volunteers or team members were selected who helped with the translations.
  2. Lack of computer systems to practise: Volunteers were asked to bring their laptops and each volunteer was made responsible for teaching only 3 students at a time. So that quality of teaching is maintained.
  3. Time constraints with school: Classes were arranged in the extra time and before assembly so that normal school classes were not disrupted.
  4. Time constraints with volunteer: Time table of volunteers was cross checked and they were informed a day before to avoid and last minute scheduling problems.
  5. Transportation: Transportation charges for the volunteers were completely taken care by the SEG. Also on the day of certificate distribution transportation for children from school to TAPMI was completely managed by the SEG.

A day out was also arranged for the students at TAPMI. They were bought to campus for a visit to the CC Lab where Internet and Google was introduced to them. They were given lunch and a quiz was conducted by Esprit-The quizzing team of TAPMI. The students were awarded certificates for qualifying in the exam set by SEG. The programme successfully completed on 16/02/2017 after 35 sessions and more than 40 volunteers contributing for the certification of 34 students of standard 4 and standard 5.