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Leadership Development

a) The MBA Technology Management program has a unique design where industry leaders will play a mentoring role to the students. This will enable the students to connect classroom learning with the dynamic market context and help with developing parallel learning tracks.

b) Leadership assessment and development through a structured and facilitated process.

With changing business needs and a rapidly evolving business environment, leaders need to be creative, curious, and innovative. An essential combination of organizational and people skills is imperative for today’s leaders. At TAPMI, we prepare students to meet these unique challenges with our leadership development program.

Process of Transformational Leadership

The Center delivers the ‘be, know and do’ of leadership through a simple process:

Transformational Leadership Self-awareness- The first step is conducted using an innovative, evidence and protocol-based advisory approach. A series of integrated psychometric tests are used to identify the transformational leadership capacities of the student. Traits and behaviours at the individual, interpersonal, and transformational leadership levels are analysed and then integrated to generate four razor-sharp, customized, and individual-specific insights – strengths, the key driver, synergy generators, and synergy denuders. A gap analysis, therefore, reveals where the student is currently and what the student needs to do to be a good transformational leader.

Specially trained faculty called Faculty Advisors and second-year students called Associate Advisors integrate these results anchoring on the multi-dimensional leadership questionnaire (MLQ). Based on the MLQ, an individual leadership report (ILR) is generated which becomes the basis of a one-on-one friendly advisory with the student. This one-hour session with a trained faculty is used to discuss, identify, and talk about the gaps in leadership competencies that have been generated through psychometric tests and collaborated with the faculty’s own experience.