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IPM Program Structure

A brief listing of all the courses offered in the first three years are given below. The courses are identified from the six major buckets:

  • Foundation in Social Sciences (FSS) to appreciate different perspectives and relevance of Social Sciences as a discipline.
  • Foundation in Management (FM) meant to develop a foundation for students in the Management Sciences area to appreciate different perspectives of Management discipline.
  • Foundation in Analytics and Data Sciences (FADS) to emphasize the applicability of mathematical and analytical methods to solve practical problems to impart the employability skills.
  • Foundation in Humanities and Performing Arts (FHPA) to develop interpersonal communication skills, presentation skills, language proficiency, creativity, and depth and breadth in perspective seeking.
  • Skill-based Workshops (SBW) will expose students to various technical and behavioural skills required to excel in dynamic business contexts.
  • Social Internships and Live Project (SILP) will help students gain the industry experience.

The courses offered in the first three years (i.e., BBA degree) of the IPM program will be uploaded shortly

Year 4 and 5 will be merged with the MBA Programme offered at TAPMI (For the fourth and fifth year, the MBA program structure will be followed – MBA – Course Structure – TAPMI)