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Interview Instructions

1.Guideline for Statement of Purpose (SoP)

A good statement of purpose should cover the following elements:

1. The factors that excite the candidate in a career and the reason for the same.
2. What accounts for the candidate’s interest in the IPM program?
3. How in the candidate’s view the IPM program relates to his/her career plans?
4. Where would the candidate like to be after IPM and after 10 years?
5. What in the candidate’s views are his/her strengths and areas of improvement?
6. What are the challenges that the candidate sees ahead and how they will impact the career plans?

The SoP should overall not be more than 750 words.

Students are advised to complete all the 6 SOP questions as per the instructions in the SOP word file and upload it on the link provided/ advised in the interview invitation email.

B. Guidelines and Proposed Topics for the Micro Presentation

  • Each student will have to make an oral micro-presentation of 90 seconds.
  • The topic will be assigned on-the-spot by the interview panel from the list provided below.
  • Student will be provided 90 seconds time to prepare for the micro-presentation.
  • Please note that the student DOES NOT have the right to decide the topic of micro-presentation and will have to make the presentation on the topic decided by the interview panel.
  • No visual aids /digital aids/ material from external sources (in written, printed or digital format) will be allowed during the micro-presentation.

The list of micro-presentation topics is provided below.

1. I hate biology because I love it
2. We avoid chemistry to end up working with it
3. Mathematics is as real as yeti in the mountains
4. We study physics to never use it in life
5. Studying mathematics makes you a great friend
6. We grow with chemistry and we fall with physics
7. Studying PCM is wasting your time with a lot of social respect
8. Biology is the source of all problems
9. We can justify anything in our life by linking it to genetics
10. Those who are good in science are also good dancers
11. Sports is bad for a managerial career
12. Good sports persons do not need a degree
13. All genders are equal today
14. Sleep is the answer to all the problems in the world
15. Studying civics does not make us good citizens
16. Political science is actually an art
17. If history is the past, then gossip is the present
18. The best economics are those who do not study economics
19. Economics and Commerce are as similar as swimming and cycling
20. It is easier to drive on a dirt track/broken road than to read a newspaper
21. News today is what is not on the news channels
22. BBA is all about making good friends
23. Muscles are thicker than blood
24. Studying psychology means learning to judge others
25. Reading books is more relevant today than in the past
26. Virtual world of social media is no different from the actual world
27. Entrance examinations are about preparation, not talent
28. If you received good grades, it means you did not learn anything
29. All my friends have an interesting life while I have interesting challenges
30. More than relatives, it is gym and malls that are our society today
31. Music is the most challenging discipline that is easiest to practice
32. Pursuing a degree means gaining knowledge while losing money
33. My best friends are the sun and the moon
34. Focusing on environment and ecology means making our lives horrible
35. The best day in my life was when others had their worst day
36. Dogs and cats are luckiest creatures on the earth
37. Relationships are just like a balance sheet
38. Examinations in schools should be conducted by the students themselves
39. My life is my choice…actually my friends’ choice..
40. Computers are better companions than humans
41. Those who study accounting make no mistakes in their life
42. The human brain is no longer superior to computers
43. Teachers are worse than parents but better than friends
44. Life goals are not as exciting as the goals in soccer/football
45. Only those who work hard are smart
46. Age is just a number that decides everything in life
47. Commerce is as old as history and as recent as today
48. Commerce balances the world while creating all the imbalances
49. Good accountants are seldom good humans
50. School is an excellent place to do everything other than studying
51. Corruption and its impact on my future as an employee
52. Environmental Pollution: Reality or in our minds?
53. Poverty around me and its challenges for me
54. How physics makes me a better manager?
55. All that is good in life is chemistry
56. Genes and my future as a healthy human being
57. Forests: how they challenge my life and aspirations
58. Freedom of Speech in our family
59. Accounting makes me a better human being
60. Understanding history makes us a better manager
61. Social Change and Social Media
62. Life is a quadratic equation
63. The best poem/story I read was the worst experience of my life
64. Women’s rights can be seen in TV serials
65. Culture today is Instagram and Snapchat
66. Mathematics is the most important and useless subject
67. Those who play football are bad dancers
68. Astronomy is not as good as gastronomy
69. Computer Science is much more than jobs in IT companies
70. Botany and my daily life
71. Zoology is best learnt in animation films
72. Economics is about daily life
73. Demand, supply is best learnt on Instagram
74. Trigonometry is very useful in life
75. Netflix and Amazon Prime are gifts of science
76. In today’s world all are singers and actors
77. The best things in life require learning chemistry
78. Learning music is as important as learning accounts for a Commerce student
79. Geography has made me better in my personal life
80. Poor and rich is all about luck
81. Science students’ view on writing long answers
82. Literature is best learnt in movies
83. A good writer is mostly a failure in personal life
84. Classroom is all about psychology in action
85. When history is old, it becomes chemistry
86. Language is about life itself
87. Dance is about passion, not practice
88. Physical education is most needed by the teachers
89. The day I don’t go to school is the worst day in my life
90. Home is good, school is fine but college is horror