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Virtual Executive Learning

TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning creates new learning opportunities to the working executives. The delivery rigour is outstanding as it is synchronous, interactive and controlled.

TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning rides on HD video conferencing network and delivers high quality Video and Audio. The experience is seamless with digital whiteboard, moderator control, dynamic participation and chat options.

TAPMI Virtual delivers high quality learning experience that is associated with a physical classroom.

It is an opportunity for the working executives to study post graduate program in management without taking a break from their career.

TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning

This program brings about the best-in-category blend of virtual and classroom learning. Its course is crafted such that you don’t have to take a break from work. Deep industry specific insights, top-notch faculty and top-of-the-line course content, makes sure that your career gets the impetus, you are looking for.

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Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan
Director, TAPMI

TAPMI Virtual is targeted at corporate executives who are keen to fast track their career. This unique model of LEARNING and APPLYING concurrently is truly designed for Lifelong learning.

TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning will significantly multiply our reach and propagate the rigour and quality of TAPMI brand of education. TAPMI Virtual is really the future of classroom reaching quality education to those who need it where-ever they are.

Prof. Surya Mahadevan
Chairman – TAPMI Virtual Executive Learning

This program will reach Participants in Distributed Classrooms across 27+ cities.
The learning will be delivered through a mix of Virtual synchronous mode, Campus segment, Project work and off classroom engagement.
In the campus segment the participants will have an opportunity for hands on applied learning in the finance lab which houses Bloomberg and Reuters terminals.

Prof. Dr. Meera L. B. Aranha
Program Head- Banking & Financial Services

TAPMI Virtual is being launched with a flagship Post Graduate Certificate Program in Banking, Insurance & Financial Markets (BIFM).
Penetration of Insurance, credit card, digital payment and retail investment in stock market are extremely low in India and with increasing awareness and the coming of an enabling eco system the entire BFSI sector is poised for a qualitative transformation and quantitative growth.

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