On 21st June 2019, The International Yoga Day was celebrated in the campus of  T.A.Pai Management Institute.  On this occasion, yoga guru Smt. Shobha Shetty conducted an engaging workshop on the modern form of yoga which is popularly known as the “Iyengar Yoga”, founded by B.K.S. Iyengar. The session saw enthusiastic participation from the student fraternity and faculty members alike. Smt. Shetty with her volunteers guided the participants while performing the yoga asanas. The demonstration of yoga not only introduced the participants to various asanas but also generated awareness about the health benefits of inculcating Yoga in their daily routine.

Smt. Shetty shared three important features pertaining to the modern form of yoga. Firstly, advent usage of props which facilitates different yoga asanas. Secondly, the importance of sequencing the asanas. Lastly, the effect of the postural alignment of the human body. Smt. Shobha Shetty also talked about the knowledge of one’s inner self. She laid emphasis on gaining body intelligence through a regular practice of the Iyengar yoga asanas. Yoga helps in creating awareness of one’s body,the five senses, and the breath. “It acts like a window to your inner self,” she said.

The session commenced with a chant of “OM” followed by a Sanskrit prayer recited by Smt.Shetty.Over 10 asanas were demonstrated through the entire duration of the workshop. One of the asanas performed by the participants was TadasnaUrdhavaBaddhaHastasana, wherein much emphasis was given to the alignment of arms, knees, spine, and feet. SalambaSirsasana was performed in an inverted form aligning the body against the wall in a straight manner. Veerabhadrasana (1 and 3) was performed to balance one’s feet, strengthing the core muscle. ParsvaVirasana was another yoga asana which ensures proper body alignment with respect to the spine, trunk, and shoulders. Other yoga asanas were comprised of standing, sitting, forward and backward bending, twisting, inversions, etc.

In conclusion, Smt.Shobha Shetty described the benefits of yoga through the demonstration of  Savasana followed by Ujjayi Pranayama. Along with a healthy lifestyle, yoga helps to attain a relaxed state of mind and body. Improved muscle strength and tone, increased flexibility protection of injury, weight reduction are a few health benefits of yoga among many others.