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TAPMI will be establishing a Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter (BGS) in the institute. The membership to establish the BGS chapter is only by invitation. The schools with AACSB accreditation may establish a BGS chapters in turn, award lifetime Beta Gamma Sigma membership to outstanding students.
BGS society has been in existence for over 100 plus years, with their main goal of providing recognition and international networking abilities to scholars from the best B-schools across the globe.

TAPMI has established the BGS chapter to recognize outstanding TAPMIans before they complete their studies. Establishing the BGS chapter allows us to join a network of over 580 collegiate chapters internationally, in 33 countries and provide TAPMIans, the opportunity to join a network of over 820,000 lifetime members residing in 190 countries and territories.

We are very excited about this initiative and look forward to TAPMIans in this outstanding and prestigious society.