The Social Endeavour Group of TAPMI in collaboration with Lions Club of Manipal has successfully installed ’Santrupti Community Fridge’ near the Auto Stand, Tiger Circle on 27th Oct, 2018. The inauguration was done by the Municipal Commissioner Anand Kallolikar.  

The initiative has been taken to enable people facing hardships to have easy access to fresh and nutritious food. The concept of Community Fridge aligns with the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Zero Hunger’ and helps in reduction of food wastage.

Heading to the operational part, the food is being sourced from the mess and hotels across Manipal and Foodzoned has been identified as the delivery partner. During the pilot phase, the food is being transferred twice a day (breakfast and lunch), which would then roll into three meals a day during the forthcoming weeks. The Fridge is being managed by the Autorickshaw Drivers & Owners Association (R), Manipal and also monitored by SEG Committee members.

We believe that this initiative is a small step towards creating a hunger free world.