Our Mission

Providing a holistic view of market risks, the apt actions while imbibing decision-making skills in critical situations. The aim is to also develop leadership qualities by undertaking responsible positions and working for the growth of the firm.

Our Vision

Be India’s top SMIF by yielding excellent returns & developing sterling investment knowledge within & beyond Samnidhy.


Learning: Continuous learning & development is the fundamental bedrock of everything we do at Samnidhy. As an organization, we strive to be a better version of what we were yesterday.

Leadership: Acute leadership attitude is something which binds us together and propagates us towards prosperity.

Growth: What drives us every day is our motive towards our employees’ growth & development and our investors’ value creation.

About Us

Samnidhy is TAPMI’s Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) registered with the Registrar of Karnataka. We are a student-driven firm, governed by the Board of Directors under the guidance of an advisory team comprising of Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director and Pro Vice-Chancellor [Management, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences], TAPMI, Prof. Krishna Prasad, Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Administration), TAPMI and Ms Shibani Sircar Kurian, Senior EVP, Fund Manager & Head-Equity Research, ESG Coordinator at Kotak Mutual Fund. Samnidhy stands for fostering fortunes, not only monetarily, but also by giving students a unique learning opportunity. We stand firm on our values of Learning, Leadership, and Growth and strive for all our stakeholders’ continuous development.

Samnidhy offers an excellent hands-on learning experience to its employees. The team gets to dabble in the markets with real money, which provides them with unparalleled exposure over two years. Regular brainstorming sessions within the team and mentorship sessions with seasoned professionals from the industry give us a flavour of what it takes to be a successful finance professional. From analyzing stock fundamentals, identifying investment opportunities, managing a portfolio of INR 21.4 lakhs, to coordinating external engagements & branding initiatives, Samnidhy ensures a holistic experience. Samnidhy engages a talented pool of 48 equity analysts, 19 marketing associates, and 3 HR executives to drive the organization towards its goal of becoming the number #1 SMIF in India.

The student fraternity of TAPMI invests with us through our annual NFO. Aligned with the institute’s mission, “To excel in post-graduate management education, research and practice”, we have planned various activities that run throughout the year, including but not limited to, investor education series, weekly newsletters, company analysis and updates, earnings analysis, and panel discussions with the analysts.

Key Activities:

New Fund Offering (NFO) Samnidhy annually launches its New Fund Offering (NFO), featuring a series of events and a unique investing opportunity for the students spanning 2 to 3 weeks. During this period, prospective investors are presented with an exclusive opportunity to invest in the fund. Last year’s NFO garnered a remarkable response, raising a corpus of INR 10,44,000 and increasing the Assets Under Management (AUM) to INR 21.4 lacs. The NFO successfully attracted 312 new investors, resulting in a batch conversion rate of 58%.

Investors Meet: At Samnidhy, we prioritize investor awareness and believe in keeping our valued investors well-informed about the performance of their portfolios. To achieve this, we organize exclusive Investor Meets, providing an interactive platform for investors to exercise their right to question our in-house analyst team regarding their investments. These sessions play a vital role in cultivating an active investor mindset while also fostering peer-to-peer learning among our esteemed investors. We understand the significance of transparency and open communication, and through these Investor Meets, we aim to strengthen investor relationships.

Pragyavita Series: At Samnidhy, we are dedicated to empowering investors with practical knowledge through our Pragyavita Educational Workshop Series. Our workshops focus on providing valuable insights into investments, mutual funds, and stock markets. Through these workshops, we strive to equip investors with the necessary skills and understanding to make informed investment decisions.

EUREKA – Quiz Competition EUREKA, the exhilarating quiz competition is organised by Samnidhy. This engaging event is designed to assess participants’ expertise in the realm of finance and the corporate world through multiple stages of quizzes. EUREKA not only serves as a platform for students to test their knowledge but also helps them foster their competitive spirit and teamwork skills.

Social Media Engagements: We publish Weekly Newsletters, Company Analysis, Buzz News, and Fun-Fact Wednesday to keep our audiences engaged and updated. Our ‘Weekly Newsletters’ offer crisp analysis, recent highlights, and updates across 12 different sectors of the industry, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving financial landscape. Additionally, we involve our audience by releasing ‘Company Analysis’ chosen by them through our social media handles. To make learning fun and interactive, we share quirky financial facts every Wednesday as part of our ‘Fun-Fact Wednesday’ initiative on social media. And for the latest buzz in the financial world, our ‘Buzz News’ keeps our followers updated with trending news and events

Our Team

Board Members

Paul Sebastian
Chief Executive Officer

Aashay Sanjay Pawar
Chief Investment Officer

Srishti Loomba
Chief Marketing Officer

Yash Premani
Chief People Officer

Dhruv Gangal
Chief Research Officer


Akash Radhakrishnan

Aniruddh Iyer

Anshuman Murarka

Anushk Wadhwa

Archit Ranka

Avanti Agarwal

Haard Patel

Harsh Dalmia

Himanshu Purohit

Illindra Bhavana

Jainam Gautam

Kriti Ahuja

Palkin Gupta

Parimit Sarkar

Pranay Mundada

Pranay Singh

Rahul Sharma

Rishi Jain

Sanjay Manghnani

Soham Parkhi

Srashti Agarwal

Varun Uday Bhat

Marketing Associates

Anvesha Shrivastava
Marketing Associate

Vishal A
Marketing Associate

Abhijit Deouskar
Marketing Associate

Apurv Singh Chouhan
Marketing Associate

Garima Agarwal
Marketing Associate

Khushi Singhee
Marketing Associate

Mayank Maheshwari
Marketing Associate

Shaurya Vikrama Sinh
Marketing Associate

HR Associates

Arunendra Singh
HR Associate

Word from Industry Experts

I have been in touch with Samnidhy team for over a year now (2 batches) and must say the amount of knowledge of these guys’ markets is incredible at a student stage. The seriousness and maturity with which they take their work are amazing, and it’s always a pleasure to interact with the team.
Vaibhav Jain, CFA - Private Wealth, Edelweiss Financial Services
It was a lovely experience interacting with the team of Samnidhy. I was particularly impressed by the quality and depth of the questions asked by the team. Also, the ability to own quality businesses was very much evident in the portfolio of Samnidhy. I liked the team eagerness to learn about the market and its intricacies, and their disciplined teamwork impressed me the most.
Aishvarya Dadheech, CFA - Vice President, Ambit Asset Management

Student’s Testimonials

Having been a part of Samnidhy as a Senior Marketing Associate gave me a pragmatic exposure as to how Marketing plays a crucial role in creating awareness, understanding the target audience (and their needs), and maintaining the engagement throughout. Not to mention the essence of collaborative effort (from the entire team – HR, Marketing, & Analysts) that I realised during this tenure in order to achieve the common goal of making Samnidhy India’s #1 SMIF yielding top-notch returns.
Shaurya Vikrama Sinh, Senior Marketing Associate
My experience with Samnidhy’s investment team has been truly transformative. It has instilled in me the utmost importance of prudent financial management and unwavering discipline within the investment landscape. By staying abreast of ever-evolving market dynamics and emerging trends, I have expanded my knowledge and consistently remained ahead of the curve. Moreover, the invaluable corporate experiences I have gained through Samnidhy have honed my skills, thus empowering me to navigate the dynamic investment landscape with firm confidence and proficiency.
Sanjay Manghnani, Senior Equity Analyst
Being a part of Samnidhy as a Chief Research Officer has given me an on-sight purview as to how every investment decision is backed by solid research and analysis. Samnidhy’s objective is to be the best Student Managed Investment Fund, which provides best possible returns to our investors while keeping the risk meter in check. In order to achieve that gaol, we can afford no casualty when it comes to analysis of any particular company’s stock. Irrespective how well the company is recognised by the market, we go through its business health, its financial health and its future growth possibilities with a fine-toothed comb before making investment decisions. Such deep analysis of all publicly traded companies in India is the outcome of collaborative effort from our entire analyst team who aspire on making Samnidhy reach new heights.
Dhruv Gangal, Chief Research Officer
Starting my journey as NFO SPOC (Single-Point-Of-Contact) followed by Junior Marketing Associate and now the Chief Marketing Officer the journey has been full of new experiences. It gave me hands-on experience with sales during NFO. Moreover, it helped me understand how crucial social media presence is for any organisation when it comes to spreading awareness. With the unwavering support, innovative resources, and collaborative culture here at Samnidhy, I have been able to thrive and unlock my full potential.
Srishti Loomba - Chief Marketing Officer
Leading a dynamic and agile team such as ours is both challenging and highly rewarding. I’ve had the privilege of working with brilliant minds who possess exceptional work ethic – which never fails to amaze me. My time at the company has been instrumental in shaping my thinking and fostering long-term strategic planning. It has also helped me develop crucial skills such as sharp thinking and a resilient mindset when it comes to managing our leaders. The ability to adapt decisions swiftly and not be tied down by outdated information has honed my agility and critical thinking capabilities.
Paul Sebastian, Chief Executive Officer
Becoming a Chief People Officer at Samnidhy was indeed an emotional moment for me. The journey has been a bumpy ride but it has taught me how to value people in an organisation and bring the best out of them. I strongly believe in creating an environment where the employees are constantly motivated to push their limits. However, catering to the needs and requirements of all and aligning them with the organisational goals is a challenging endeavour in itself but I am committed towards making Samnidhy a value-driven and people-centric company.
Yash Premani, Chief Human Resource Officer