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Samnidhy is the only registered Student Managed Investment Fund in India. It is a platform for budding investors to learn the skills of investment and fund management. It is registered under the Indian Partnership Act with the Registrar of Firms, Karnataka. It has an official board of directors and is regulated with strict guidelines and procedures. The firm receives constant guidance and support from the advisory board which includes Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Prof. Vishwanathan Iyer and senior capital market professionals.

Samnidhy stands for fostering fortunes, not only monetarily, but also by giving students a unique learning opportunity to enhance their knowledge in investments.

Activities Undertaken

  • Investment Training sessions
  • Experiential learning
  • Guest lectures by industry stalwarts
  • Invest in markets
  • Sector wise analysis

Our Mission

  • To provide excellent hands-on learning experience to students on equity research, investments in the market and portfolio management
  • To give a holistic view on how the markets operate, understand its risks and take appropriate actions
  • To develop decision making capabilities under risky and critical situations
  • To develop leadership qualities by undertaking responsible positions and work for the growth of the firm

Our Vision

  • To be known as the best SMIF (student managed investment fund) in India

Portfolio Range

  1. Construction, Cement and Real estate
  2. Pharmaceutical
  3. Consumer Durables
  4. Automobile – OEM & Aviation
  5. Metals
  6. Insurance
  7. Auto Ancillary
  8. IT & Telecom
  9. Financial services
  10. Textiles & Retail
  11. FMCG
  12. Banking – Public and Private banks
  13. Chemicals and Paints

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P.B. No. 9, Manipal, 576104
Karnataka, India


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52 Analysts Covering 13 Sectors

INR 1330000 corpus in 2019

Returns – 13.39% (Benchmark NSE 200 4.43%)


Manthan is an Annual Budget Conclave organized by the Finance Forum at TAPMI. The event includes captivating discussions with a panel of influential guests and eminent stalwarts of the financial industry on the Union Budget. Manthan has multiple events, guest lectures revolving around the Union Budget. The Finance Forum also hosts the Grand Finale of SMIC and the Annual Samnidhy Investors Meet as a part of Manthan.
The Confluence of Banking and Capital Markets (COBCAM) is the annual finance conclave of the Banking and Finance (BKFS) program of TAPMI. The event focuses on the factors and recent trends that have an impact on the capital markets of the country.
COBCAM started in the year 2015, with a view to bring the stalwarts of Financial Industry and the Banking & Finance students of TAPMI together on one common platform to have an open dialogue on various facets of the financial sector, developments in the economy and markets, challenges faced by the industry and the future ahead. COBCAM is held annually in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.
Every Friday, students engage in an informal talk about different topics related to Finance, at the TAPMI Finance Lab. A wide range of topics are discussed, ranging from current issues to prominent historical events in the field of finance and economics. In most of the sessions students take the sessions, while the Finance Forum also hosts a special FNS where an eminent guest from the industry takes a session with the students. In some of the sessions documentaries and movies pertaining to the dynamic world of finance are also shown
Friday Night Series (FNS)
Finance Forum at TAPMI has launched a new series with the intention of facilitating sharing of knowledge and experience from academics and industry participants. Coffee, Cookies and Conversations, called “C Cube” is an exciting opportunity for the students to further their understanding of the financial world and to get exposed to new ideas and experiences related to the field of finance. This initiative is different from Friday Night Series in two distinct ways: The event will have a limited intake of audience, who will attend sessions on financial effectiveness. These students will also be involved in meeting students from schools in the city and educating them on the basics of financial responsibility and independence.
Coffee, Cookies and Conversations (CCC)
Samnidhy is a Student Managed Investment Fund and the only one in India to be legally registered with the Registrar of Firms. It is run and funded entirely by the student fraternity of TAPMI. Samnidhy is run by board of directors and governed by the constitution. It is mentored by an advisory board comprising of senior capital market professionals.
In the Annual Investor’s meet, the Board of Directors deliver a formal presentation on the stock selection process that is followed prior to investing in the market and presents a complete review process to their investors, which is the student fraternity of TAPMI. Industry professionals also witness the Investors meet and question the Board on the selection process of stocks.

The meet begins with the CEO, opening the address and introducing Samnidhy to the audience. Thereafter, the CIO, speaks methodology followed by the Investment Team to arrive at the stock recommendations. The CIO will be followed by the CRO, who elaborates on the role of the Review Team in analysing the recommended stocks for investments. In March 2018 the Finance Forum will be hosting the 4th Annual Samnidhy Investors Meet as a part of Manthan 2018.

Samnidhy Investors Meet
SMIC is one of the many courses which use the TAPMI finance lab to train students the art and science of investment. Students learn the nuances of trading and handling real money.

The objective of SMIC is to provide experimental learning by enabling students to make investment decisions in the BSE/NSE Listed Companies. Furthermore, through the SMIC Finale, we seek to bring together industry experts and our students on a common platform. Teams present a summary of their learning, and an eminent panel of senior capital market professionals judge the presentation. The industry experts question the fund managers’ investment philosophy, stock selection criteria, portfolio performance, and provide constructive feedback.
With the vision to bridge the gap between theory and practice, SMIC provides hands on experience to the students and moulds them into smart investors.

Student Management Investment Course (SMIC)
Finomenal is the Annual Finance Conclave organized by the Finance Forum of TAPMI. It is a student run initiative to bring together Economists, CXO’s, Bankers, Regulators and Fund Managers to discuss recent trends, emerging issues, challenges and opportunities in the industry and the way ahead. The events held during Finomenal aim to create a platform for finance students to showcase their knowledge and network with senior industry professionals. The event also comprises of various exciting inter and intra college competitions, aimed at testing the participants on business and finance awareness.
In association with Bloomberg LP, Finance Forum organizes the TAPMI-Bloomberg Olympiad in state of the art TAPMI Finance lab, powered by 16 Bloomberg terminals. Bloomberg champions of B-Schools across the country come to TAPMI to take part in the Olympiad. The event tests the participants’ expertise on Bloomberg and the ability to link it with various financial concepts. It comprises various competitive rounds emphasizing on the ability of the participants to implement the Bloomberg functionality in day to day activities. TAPMI is the only college which conducts the championship.
Apart from this, the Finance Forum of TAPMI also organises Round Table Conferences and Guest Lectures where students have the opportunity to interact with the eminent industry professionals.
TAPMI-Bloomberg Olympiad

Our Team



Samnidhy is a firm I always aspired to be in, given my interests were in line with its vision. Thereafter, began a journey of learning and exploring many aspects of the stock market, I never knew existed. There were many training sessions offered by our seniors, where we were taught sector analysis, followed by stock picking in that sector based on the performance. We were also taught technical analysis, that is not a part of the PGDM curriculum, adding to one of the many incentives Samnidhy has to offer.

Being part of the review team and handling the IT sector has been a wonderful experience helping me learn a lot about the sector. I am kept updated about the happenings in the other sectors as well through the weekly reports published by my teammates. It has been an enriching experience so far and expect it to be the same in the days to come.

Sai Kiran - Senior Analyst, on his journey with Samnidhy
Samnidhy gives a unique platform to understand the interplay between macroeconomic events and movements of markets. The learning is constant as it always keeps you on toes to monitor the latest trends in sectors.

Being a part of the investment team in pharmaceutical sector, I got an opportunity to interact with various industry people. There are various sessions conducted by senior analyst which would hone our analytical and technical skills. I have also got an opportunity to learn about various sectors through quality discussions with my peers.

In all, it has been an amazing experience to learn about stock markets and invest in real market.

Twinkle Garg - Senior Analyst, shares her experience with Samnidhy
“Being a part of the Samnidhy team has been one of the best thing to happen in my MBA journey. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and motivates me to go the extra mile . It gives you a chance to apply your knowledge and logical skills in analyzing companies and industries. Regular interaction with the peers has immensely helped grow my understanding of the bussiness world. Also you get a chance to experience real workspace conditions.”

“The Banking and Finance industry would always intrigue me and I was always keen to dive deep into the intricacies of industry. Samnidhy or the Student Managed Investment Fund at TAPMI thus gave me a great platform to explore my interests and learn to be able to critically analyse both the sector and the companies.

The various sessions conducted by senior analysts on industry analysis, technical analysis, valuation, financial statement analysis and annual report analysis brought forth the multitude of factors that go into selecting a stock and deciding the entry and exit timings. Also, each junior analyst is mentored by a senior analyst who conducts sector-specific sessions. Well, this is just a snapshot of what we do!

Learning at Samnidhy is continuous and is derived from the plethora of activities that we undertake throughout the year. Be it weekly sector-specific weekly reports, sector-specific presentations by other analysts , preparing equity research report, and interaction with industry experts, all have equipped me to analyse the sector and the company from different perspectives and hence increased my understanding of the market.” – Payal Sachdeva

Mayank Sharma - Analyst, on his journey with Samnidhy
“Samnidhy is the only Student Managed Investment Firm in India. It is one of those platforms which gives you exposure of how industry analysts and experts work in the equity research market. This 24 member Analyst team covers 11 sectors, major economic events and stock market happenings.

The idea of Samnidhy is to impart knowledge related to investment in stock markets and learning on how to analyze individual scripts through constant research from Bloomberg Terminals . Being a Finance major it is one the things that I feel has personally has helped in me in pushing my boundaries and learning about markets and investment. Regular training sessions and discussions has helped me in being up to date with markets and theoretical concepts.

What I like about Samnidhy is the commitment and professionalism with which everyone works. Samnidhy keeps you on your toes all the time. Weekly reports on your sector , various stock recommendations and numerous discussions has shaped my opinion on stock market. Samnidhy makes sure that you not only know about your sector but also about all the other sectors by circulating a concise newsletter every week.

It is one of the most relevant experiences that I am having in TAPMI. It actually provides glimpse into life of an equity research analyst!”

Bhargavi Mittal - Senior Analyst and Bloomberg Champion, on her experience with Samnidhy
“After an year in Samnidhy, I have learned to look at the capital markets in a different and better way. Being an analyst at Samnidhy helps gain knowledge and an experience that any aspiring finance student would like to possess.Though technical analysis is a part of our learning, Samnidhy focuses on studying a stock’s fundamentals before investing in it. This has helped me form my own perspective based on facts, which is one key skill required to be an equity analyst. This learning has also helped me manage my personal investments better.

For any capital market enthusiast, Samnidhy is the place to be!”

Abhishek Kwatra - Analyst, on completing a year with Samnidhy
“It’s been a five month journey for me in Samnidhy. It follows a very structured approach of learning. Every day, I brainstorm about the business happenings across the globe. We perform fundamental and technical analysis usage on a daily basis. The research involved Is huge and gave me wonderful insights into the finance world. Weekly reports and Continuous market analysis helped me in gaining a lot of insight into the industry. All in all, Samnidhy provided me a learning platform into the finance world. It is Immensely helping me in positively growing my learning curve.”
Aditya Venkat - shares his learning experience in Samnidhy
“Samnidhy provides a unique opportunity to understand the pulse of the stock market and familiarize oneself with the structure and working of a fund house.
Samnidhy is a student managed investment fund. The corpus to be invested is raised from the student body of TAPMI, the objective not just being to maximize investor wealth but also get the students hands on experience in stock investing, sector analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Technical analysis.

Investors are regularly updated by way of the Fund Review Report and the more comprehensive Fund Performance Report. In this way, Samnidhy provides the students of TAPMI the opportunity to work for and run a full-fledged investment firm while still at business school, thus giving them an unparalleled learning advantage over their peers. The knowledge I gained while working at Samnidhy has helped me not only to carve my career in the field of Equity Analyst, but has also helped me in understanding my personal financials better. If you want to be an investor in stock market then Samnidhy is the destination. My experience working for Samnidhy has been enriching, it has helped me apply my knowledge in the practical world of Stock Market.”

Roshan Raghuram - Senior Analyst, take on Samnidhy
“Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation…!!!

Samnidhy has given me an opportunity to bring out the best in me and accomplish my goals. It is a student managed firm which bridges the gap between theory and practice.
Legend has it,
I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

That’s what samnidhy does…! It focuses on acquiring expertise and skill through practical application of concepts, theories and problem solving techniques instead of just hearing or reading about them. It has given a platform to invest in markets and implement the class room learnings in real world. Being a part of the review team in textiles sector, I had learnt to analyze the sectors and recommend companies for our portfolio. I have also got the opportunity to learn about other sectors through quality discussions with my peers. It has helped to hone my problem solving and decision-making skills.
Our determination to learn and excel has made us what we are today.
Dreams don’t work unless you do…!!!

Sravani - Analyst, on completing one year as Analyst
“The marketing team in Samnidhy promotes, organizes and pitches the various events conducted by Samnidhy. It handles content, social media and design activities for Samnidhy.

Being the CMO of Samnidhy is always a challenging task. It is because you are the connect between your team and the analyst team. They are like two different worlds and somehow you need to strike a balance between them.
This role has brought out the deep buried leadership skills within me. It has put me through situations that forced me to take the best possible decisions with the given circumstances. Now, what more can a budding manager ask for?
All in all Samnidhy has been an enriching experience. It shall always hold a special place in my heart.”

Dinesh - on his experience with Samnidhy Marketing Team
“Samnidhy has been a great platform to gain an understanding of stock markets. The training sessions for new analysts helped us gain knowledge on equity research and mentoring by our senior analysts helped us in gaining sector specific knowledge. The experience of using bloomberg terminals has been very enriching, enabling us to access huge amounts of data with much ease. Its independence of functioning as a firm gives us a goof exposure and has instilled professionalism in all of us.”
Tuhina Kumar - Senior Analyst, on her experience with Samnidhy
“Samnidhy is one of the many valuable things TAPMI has to offer for me. Stock trading and Investment was always an interest for me. I started personal trading about 4 years ago and have seen my own share of ups and downs. This propelled me to join Samnidhy wherein I worked as an analyst [FMCG Sector] and enhanced the understanding of capital markets from a technical stand point. Working in Samnidhy is a great opportunity and helped me excel in my technicalities.

One thing I love about Samnidhy is that, it being a student managed investment fund- has given us that autonomy which was very useful in understanding and analysing the stocks freely. The Seniors, Peers and the Environment were all terrific and they always pushed me to give out my best. I cherish my association with Samnidhy and believe that the learning I have gained here will be value added to my career in the long run. “

Vikas Rachamalla - introducing Analyst
“Samnidhy is a great platform for understanding equity research and stock markets. Through my journey in Samnidhy I had learnt how to analyse IT industry and the drivers that impact IT industry . It has been a great experience to work with Bloomberg terminals that has humungous data which keeps updating every second as it is important to know the markets well before the others to capitalise on the information asymmetry and make profits.I had an enriching experience understanding the companies in-depth and how the market reacts to every move taken by the management of companies. “
Divya Ramesh - Senior Analyst, takeaway from Samnidhy