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A talk by Mr.Manish Jain, Copal Amba on ‘Offshore Research in the financial sector’.

On Monday, the 22nd of September , TAPMI proudly hosted Mr.Manish Jain, Head – Knowledge Management & Training at Copal Amba. With a diverse experience across sectors of over 13 years, Mr Jain indeed accomplished a great deal in a relatively short span. He was here to give the students an overview in general about what Copal Amba does and in particular talk about careers in the Research Outsourcing industry.

The session kicked off with Mr. Jain soliciting expectations from the industry as held by students. While giving his take on the topic, Mr. Jain said that the job of a Research Analyst was very sporadic in nature, demanding varying levels of contribution and work at different times. As the audience held varying perceptions about the equity research industry from one that is “glamorous” to one that is “boring”, Mr.Jain clarified that it is in fact neither. There is a delicate balance between glamor and routine he said. Mr.Jain also spoke about how Industry Analysis as an activity is often more complicated than it seems because one has to take into consideration the news flows, the earnings of the company, build financial models and understand the entire business model of the company. He also walked the students through some fine examples of applicability of formulae, where he correlated theory with practice.

Stressing on the importance of good report preparation, Mr Jain emphasized that good writing and presentation skills were equally or sometimes more important than being technically sound. He also highlighted other aspects of working in the research space such as respecting the privacy and confidentiality of clients which goes on to build a relationship of trust.

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for the students to obtain an overview of the Research Outsourcing Industry, the business and operations of Copa Amba and gain insights into careers in the offshore research and analytics space.

Sep 2014