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Concept & Importance of Organization and Leadership Planning’ – Guest Lecture Session by Mr Aniruddha Khekale and Ms Payal Parikh, Emerson Process Management.

“Concept & Importance of Organization and Leadership Planning”, was at the heart of the Guest Lecture that the students of TAPMI had the privilege to attend, on August 1st, 2014 (Friday). This interactive session was conducted by Mr Aniruddha Khekale, Group Director – HR and Ms Payal Parikh – Senior Manager HR of Emerson Process Management. Emerson Process Management is a group of businesses that offer solutions, systems and products in the process control, assets monitoring, and remote monitoring space. The groups stands together for offering value to its customers through its expertise in the space built over long years.

Aniruddha Khekale completed his PGCBM, Business Administration and Management (General) from XLRI Jamshedpur and was associated with some prominent organizations like Birla Kennametal, Patheja Forgings and Autoparts Mfrs. Ltd., and Cummins India Limited. Ms. Payal Parikh has completed her PGDHRM, Human Resources from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and has worked in Emerson for over a decade.
Payal began the session in an interactive manner asking the students what they knew about the company followed by a company presentation that covered Emerson’s history, its brand promise, core offerings & key brands, key customers, the diversified businesses under Emerson’s umbrella and the global scope. She gave us a few pointers for our journey in the corporate world, stating that luck comes to those who are “Prepared” and most importantly people should have fun and make the most of the journey! Ms. Payal patiently answered all questions that the students had.
Anirudh introduced a formula for ‘Success’ that he has coined –
Success = Capability X Network X Luck

This implies that someone doesn’t become successful because of just one attribute, but a presence of multiple attributes ensures success. He talked about how Gen X and Gen Y work together in Emerson Process Management and that it speaks well about the company’s culture.
He led us through the concept of ‘Building Culture’, by firstly defining what is culture , asking if culture is important in an organization, if yes, why and what value does culture bring. He pointed out the increasing need of a strong culture, owing to the ever changing business landscape and how it impacted not only the organization as a whole but also its employees and customers. He also spoke about the new things that had influenced their organization’s culture in India.

The core idea he conveyed was how company culture impacts business results. The major success points for Emerson’s cultural leadership include: collaboration, matrix structure, global teams, social media, global leadership perspective, real CSR, wellness of employees (emotional as well as physical and strong focus on ‘values’.

He spoke about the Competing Values Framework (Fig 1) which talks about cultural assessment and in turn helps leaders work more comprehensively and more consistently in improving their organizations’ performance and value creation. We were also exposed to the Organization Planning Key chart and a Learning Agility Measurement Tool – VIL which is in the experimental stage at Emerson.

Overall, it was a very interactive session led by affluent speakers with enthusiastic participation from the students. The session was attended by around 60 students who found the session to be highly informative and useful. On a closing note, Mr. Anirudh mentioned that he has visited many campuses, but the interaction with bright TAPMI students was excellent. The lecture came to an end with a vote of thanks proposed by the TAPMI MIP team.

Aug 2014