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Guest Lecture Session by Mr Abhishek Sehgal, HR Manager, Microsoft.

Mr. Abhishek Sehgal, HR Manager, Microsoft visited TAPMI on 8th October 2014, to have an interactive session with students.The session kicked off with Mr. Sehgal taking students through the journey of Microsoft and how Microsoft has evolved over the years. He talked at length about the huge shift Microsoft is going through, from data centres to cloud.

He moved on to talk about how mobility has changed our lives in ways we did not envision. Mobility these days has become synonymous to internet. It has become an essential element of our work as well as our personal lives. Earlier, before internet PC’s were the big things, but today we cannot think of a PC without an internet connection. We want internet on our phones, laptop’s, tablets; and that too all of them integrated with each other. The best part about this evolution is that life is no more restricted to sitting in office and doing things. It has freed people to work beyond their desks and to look out of their personal computers.

Rapid evolution in mobile cloud computing has changed considerably the way communication services are delivered around the globe. Mobility and cloud computing has radically altered consumers lifestyles. Cloud computing has not just made people’s life easy; it has increased collaboration at workplaces. It allows employees to share documents on the go, help them follow up and receive critical updates in real time.

He further talked about how data revolution is helping companies understand the hidden insights into consumer behaviour. Big data these days is used in determining consumer’s decision making patterns. Problems associated with the managing of big data can be solved through cloud system which provides a scalable solution for managing and analysing data. Cloud systems have become popular and preferred because of their low costs, flexibility and Mobility. Cloud system has significantly reduced storage issues for big businesses and is the most efficient way to manage big data these days. It has made the work of marketing professionals easy and has greatly helped them in predicting the behavioural trends which in turn has ensured advantages in real world scenarios.

Mr. Sehgal further stressed on the importance of prioritizing mobility and enabling people what they want to do. Later in the session he talked about the various new offerings of Microsoft and how they are going to revolutionise their whole business, as it has allowed them to reach out to the smallest of organizations.

He concluded the session by sharing a quote from Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadella- “You spend too much time at office to not do anything meaningful”. To be successful an individual should make his/her every minute count and should never fear taking challenges.

Oct 2014