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Talent Supply Chain – Guest lecture by Mr Sreenivasa Rao Yadavalli, Managing Director India at FutureStep, Korn Ferry

In continuation of the CXO Leadership Series at TAPMI, Mr Sreenivasa Rao Yadavilli, Managing Director India at FutureStep, a Korn Ferry company, came down to campus to deliver a talk on the talent supply chain. The lecture was peppered with his own stories of the kind of career choices he made and how it shaped him. While heading the bottling acquisition phase of Coco Cola, He was someone who was known as the “Fixer”; as he was deemed to have the ability to solve every bureaucratic hurdle that came across their way. He also recounted the experience when Coco Cola had to deal with the fallout of the pesticide controversy.

He later joined Dell but soon was saturated by the work. He spoke on how and why after spending nearly 20 years in the production , sales and marketing aspect of a business, he chose to suddenly change his field and came into the world of talent management.
His guiding principle in human resources was to recruit talent with impact. He impressed on us how the talent supply chain is the most complicated and misplaced of all supply chains. Talent being the most important resource of any organization, he spend nearly 30% of his time and resources looking for it. He spoke on the evolution of the recruitment industry and how today it has reached a point where the IT industry alone has spent nearly 20 billion dollars in recruitment in the last 30 years. The talent acquisition industry is growing and is expected to reach 33.6 billion dollars by 2025. Some of the global trends shaping this industry are Big Data, Analytics and social media recruiting.

In the end he stressed the fact that where one ends up in life and in which filled is never truly set and one should carefully weigh their choices in life. He spoke that one has to be very selfish when it comes to career choices and that life will always give you second chances to change your path just as he did. His lecture was extremely inspiring and appealing for all the students present.

Jul 2015