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Mr Kiran Raju Penumacha: Founder & CEO, Grene Robotics

Mr Kiran Raju Penumacha, Founder & CEO, Grene Robotics was invited to TAPMI campus on July 16, 2015 to have an interactive session with the students of the institute. He was invited as a guest speaker for the highly regarded CXO Series in TAPMI. He is an alumnus of Manipal University which made students to instantly connect with him.

Mr Kiran began the session by giving a brief introduction about Grene Robotics, a Hyderabad based company, which is into building technologies that bring in diverse resources like people, machines and infrastructure on one platform. It creates decisively intuitive models that work into its rich portfolio of services. He discussed about the current situation of the healthcare industry and what the future beholds. He also talked about his other entrepreneurial ventures that before he started Grene Robotics.

His talk was mainly focussed towards giving insights to the budding managers of TAPMI by sharing his numerous experiences in the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Therefore, in his presentation in the seminar hall, he spoke about “11 Things that they don’t teach about Entrepreneurship.”
It was an insightful session where he talked about being decisive and learning about the customer or a client, when selling your product/services. According to him, there is no such thing as ‘overnight success’ as anything you build requires hard work, patience and perseverance. He also follows the philosophy of “Fail fast and learn faster.”

While concluding his lecture, Mr Kiran said that the journey of execution of your ideas is the most significant aspect of making your business venture a success. He advised students to work hard, be determined and have positive thoughts about any business idea that they dream of converting in a successful venture. He concluded by saying, “Your thoughts create your reality.”

Jul 2015