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Digital Marketing and Recent Trends in Analytics – Guest Lecture by Mr. Gagan Singla, CMO Simplilearn

Gagan Singla, CMO Simplilearn delivered a lecture to a keen audience at TAPMI on digital marketing and the recent trends in analytics used to enhance effectiveness of digital marketing on 19th July, 2014.

Mr Gagan Singla has an extensive experience in the field of digital marketing. Post his graduation in Computer and Science Eng. at IIT-Delhi he worked as Hughes Software Systems as software engineer for two years. He then attended the prestigious B-School, IIM-Lucknow, where he did his MBA in Finance and Systems. He has worked with organizations like PWC, Deloitte and Quikr before making the move to Simplilearn.

Mr Gagan, started the lecture with a brief introduction about his organization Simplilearn. Simplilearn is a leading provider of professional certifications for the working professionals. It has trained over one lac professionals across 150 nations. Upon being requested to divulge how Sipmplilearn was different from other e-learning and certification providers, he emphasized that their USP is their course content and the wide network of trainers, spread across geographies who are professional in their respective field.
In his lecture he gave valuable insights about digital marketing and how to use analytics to make it even more effective. He demonstrated how the organizations use various marketing tools and techniques to get increase the CTR (click through rate). He stressed the importance of having an effective landing page as the quality scores are affected due to it. For the aspirants he gave a clear message that marketing doesn’t always go by logic, it is a balance between both- logic and intuition. All the projections must give at least twenty % credence to intuition.

He also demonstrated how to enhance CTR by deploying innovative and latest techniques in digital marketing. He underlined the importance of engaging content for any digital marketer. Engaging content if is able to capture people’s attention; they share the content which amplifies the reach of your content. He also showed how marketers are using captcha codes to increase their brand awareness and recall. Captcha codes involve high degree of user’s attention thus when used to promote a brand it leads to better brand recall.

At the end, the channels and magnitude of promotions over digital media was also discussed. His personal views on magnitude are to promote heavily for one span rather than disbursing it across a longer duration. He then concluded the lecture by giving direction to aspirants in digital marketing to learn and focus on incorporating the marketing concepts in this field.

Jul 2014