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Mr Dinesh Goel, Founder and CEO at Innovative Ideators, gave an insightful lecture on ‘Ideas and Innovations’.

Mr Dinesh Goel, Founder and CEO at Innovative Ideators, gave an insightful lecture on Ideas and Innovations. Mr. Goel with his quirky sense of humor kept the students thoroughly engaged in the lecture.He spoke about the rapid advent of technology in our everyday live and how innovation is the word of the hour. Giving examples of the latest test phones to be launched by Google where they will let people mix and match hardware parts, such as cameras or screens, and snap them together like Legos, he highlighted on the importance of innovation in this world. Another example of the drone delivery technology was taken where companies are actually exploring the potential for self-flying aircraft and how can Drone techniques be much cheaper than man power. Drones synchronized with google maps can work with high efficiency with lesser costs. He also spoke about Hyperloops. Developments in high-speed rail, and in high-speed transport have historically been impeded by the difficulties in managing friction and air resistance, both of which become substantial when vehicles approach high speeds. This could be overcome by the invention of hyperloops which is a high speed transportation/rail system. An incident on how the use of 3D Printing has been able to help the people in need by providing them with grafted organs was also shared.
Emphasizing on the importance of time on a person’s life he said, one should never stop learning and taking risk in life. He spoke about where anyone can sell their skills at $5. Speaking about the latest technologies, he said that at the core of all these innovations is one simple idea – “convenience for the customer”. Everything that is being built and created is essentially to make life easier for people. He encouraged the students to take up the path of entrepreneurship with courage and originality. He explained how he worked in an environment where he was constantly surrounded by exciting developments and ideas and it is a very special field to be in. The key to success is to always keep learning. He himself is now thinking of going back to college and pursuing law because he wants to gain some useful knowledge of the legal aspects of business and help his career in the future. Never stop learning and taking risks in life His exceptional way of thinking and motivational story of reaching such an esteemed position at such a young age made the lecture highly informative and interesting.

Aug 2015