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Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship by Mr Beas Dev Ralhan – Co Founder and CEO, Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.

The students of TAPMI attended the Guest Lecture session delivered by Mr Beas Dev Ralhan, the CEO of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. on 30th August 2014. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; Mr Beas went on to complete his MBA in General Management from London Business School. He has worked in many organizations but entrepreneurship was something that inspired him the most. He started the lecture with some experiences of his and went on to say that at the core that is required, you’re either entrepreneurial or you’re not, there’s no two ways about it. People who are wealth creators enjoy a little poverty. Evaluate yourself before getting into anything; if you need a support system go for the corporate world otherwise create something of your own.

Don’t wait for the right idea, pick up any idea. If you want to be a wealth creator or want to create a social impact you must dedicate yourself to entrepreneurship. If something becomes mainstream it’s not going to pay well, no risk no reward, try to be original. The safer you play the lower the rewards. Start participating in risk early, because you need to start as early as possible to take charge. Don’t ever wait for opportunities, you don’t need to be good at feedback you need to be blunt. Smart people don’t need to be diplomatic.
He gave an example of Warren Buffet who invested in many stocks out of which only 6 or 7 made him rich, he risked a lot but got back more. What the world will call an opportunity will be the worst project in the most terrible sector, and you will regret it. It’s a sign of a bad decision, because you want to acquire skills to manage situations. Make the most of the two years of MBA because these are your only two years when you get to acquire skills, learn an instrument, lose weight, change from an introvert to an extrovert. He finished the lecture by quoting Scott Adams who said that “One skill doesn’t make much of a difference, so the more skills you have the more valuable you are.”

Sep 2014