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NDA (Digital Marketing)

NDA (Digital Marketing) Secondary research was conducted to identify which sector the business should venture into next. The company (NDA signed) approached Omega for a secondary market research project where some industry sectors were selected in which e-commerce sector has penetrated. Omega consultant did an analysis on top startup e-commerce [...]

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Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda (Healthcare)

Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda (Healthcare) The project involved conceptualizing a new operationally efficient system and creation of a financial and marketing strategy. Gosval Punarnava Ayuveda – is the Ayurveda Centre and the Unit of GOSVAL foundation established in 2004 in the Temple city – Udupi, by Dr. Tanmay Goswami. With an [...]

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FRESKO A feasibility study was carried out for FRESKO and methods were identified to improve operational efficiency. FRESKO is a Bombay based start-up, in the business of selling decorative wall paints and painting services. It was started a year ago, and was entering the online space for it’s Bombay operations. [...]

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