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CXO Leadership Series: “A Great Workplace Experience in a Culture of Excellence” – Mr. Subhankar Ghose, HR Head – ABP News Network

Mr. Subhankar Ghose, visited TAPMI to interact with the students on “A Great Workplace Experience in a Culture of Excellence.” Mr. Ghose’s effervescent personality reflected how working in a company with a good working culture can affect one’s way of living. According to him it is very important to choose the company to work [...]

CXO Leadership Series: Mr. Balaji Venketeshwar, Executive Director, Cyber Security Engineering at PricewaterhouseCoopers

With an aim to bridge the gap between industry and students, TAPMI continued its CXO Leadership Series with Mr. Balaji Venketeshwar- Executive Director, Cyber Security Engineering at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The theme of the Leadership talk is “Disruptive Innovation: Opportunities and threat.” He started his talk with three aspects of disruptive technology i.e. innovation, trends, and [...]

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M-Power by MGM – E-commerce and Technological Trends in Indian Retailing – Prof. Venkataramanan Krishnamurthy, CEO – Wefaculty

Prof. Venkataramanan Krishnamurthy, in a highly interactive session with the students of TAPMI spoke about two major topics, the e-commerce market and the technological aspects of the retail market in India. He started the session by stating the importance of e-commerce in present times and how it affects sectors that do not deal with [...]

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“Emerging Trends in the eCommerce Industry” – Mr. Avinash Parhi, Director – Category Marketing at

In an interactive session with the students of TAPMI, Mr. Avinash Parhi spoke about the organized retail market, the challenges faced by it to go with that of modern trade and how eCommerce is the way forward. He brought out the reality in the retail market scenario in India, wherein Organized Retail Penetration (ORP) [...]

COBCAM 2016 – An Overview

COBCAM (Confluence of Banking and Capital Markets) 2016, the annual conclave of the Banking and Finance (BKFS) program of T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal, was held on the 28th of May 2016 at The Lalit Hotel in Mumbai. The event was attended by renowned guests from the banking and financial sectors. The Chief [...]

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Life at TAPMI

End of Year 1 @ TAPMI - A Home Quite Away from Home! Celebrities have Fans Birds have Wings Clocks have Hands & Actions have Consequences It’s almost been a year since I’ve been adopted by TAPMI, and what a year it has been. From the initial skepticism to missing the place now, TAPMI [...]

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M-Power by MGM : Shri K. Annamalai, S.P Udupi on Black Money, Hawala and Money Laundering: Perspective of Law Enforcement Agencies

Mr. K Annamalai was present in the Tapmi campus for the 4th session of M-Power organized by MGM. His experience and knowledge, being the SP of Udupi was apt to discuss the topic of black money and money laundering in India. He started the discussion by defining 'money laundering' in layman terms. There is [...]

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M-Power by MGM – “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” – Mr. Naru Radhakrishnan, Chief Client Officer – Millward Brown

In yet another engaging session organized by the Marketing and General Management Forum, Mr. Naru Radhakrishnan enlightened the students with his insights on social media marketing. Mr. Radhakrishnan is an alumnus of TAPMI who has more than 24 years of experience across media and digital space. He began the session by talking about the [...]

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Atharva 2016: Guest Lecture – “Invest in stock markets to beat inflation and to have a secondary source of income against an uncertain future” – Mr. Bharat Dave, Senior Manager, BSE IPF

In a session which was aimed at educating the students of TAPMI about stock markets and investment options, Mr. Bharat Dave began by giving a brief history of stock exchanges followed by that of the Bombay Stock Exchange. He discussed the rights, benefits and classes of investment, the working of the National and Bombay [...]

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M-Power by MGM – “We learn things the way we are taught”- Professor R.C. Natarajan, TAPMI

When it comes to Prof. R.C. Natarajan, "Unlearning" is also a case-based learning! In an engaging session organized by the Marketing and General Management forum at TAPMI, Prof. R.C. Natarajan gathered the views of students about their perceptions of unlearning. He also shared how at most times, what we perceive might not be what [...]

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