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CXO Leadership Series: “A Great Workplace Experience in a Culture of Excellence” – Mr. Subhankar Ghose, HR Head – ABP News Network

Mr. Subhankar Ghose, visited TAPMI to interact with the students on “A Great Workplace Experience in a Culture of Excellence.” Mr. Ghose’s effervescent personality reflected how working in a company with a good working culture can affect one’s way of living. According to him it is very important to choose the company to work [...]

“Emerging Trends in the eCommerce Industry” – Mr. Avinash Parhi, Director – Category Marketing at

In an interactive session with the students of TAPMI, Mr. Avinash Parhi spoke about the organized retail market, the challenges faced by it to go with that of modern trade and how eCommerce is the way forward. He brought out the reality in the retail market scenario in India, wherein Organized Retail Penetration (ORP) [...]

TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Guest Session by Mr. Damodar Mall, CEO – Reliance Retail

TAPMI welcomed Mr.Damodar Mall, the man behind Big Bazaar, DMart and who is now with Reliance Retail. Mr. Mall is the author of the acclaimed book “Supermarketwalla : Secrets to Winning Consumer India” . Much of his interaction revolved around the contents of the book: why retailers should make room for the “elbow push [...]

TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Guest Session by Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, President, International Paper Inc.

Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan, visited TAPMI on the 8th of October, 2014 to interact with the students. The session was conducted as a part of the TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series. Mr Rampraveen is the President of the International Paper Inc, and serves as the MD and CEO of the International Paper APPM ltd. a [...]

TAPMI CXO Leadership Lecture Series: Session by Mr Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions

TAPMI hosted the next instalment in the CxO Leadership Lecture series by inviting Mr. Arun Gollapudi, CEO of Systech Solutions on September 29th, 2014. He was accompanied by Mr. Ashish Parikh, CFO at Systech Solutions. Mr. Arun started the lecture by speaking about TAPMI and the recent infrastructural developments that have happened in the [...]