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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications 2015

  • Prof.Vishwanathan Iyer, Amarnath Mitra & Anto Joseph (2015), “Characterizing the Volatility Transmission across International Stock Markets”, Theoretical Economics Letters, Vol 5, 571-583.
  • Prof. Kartikeya Bolar & Shaw B (2015), “End-user Acceptance of Online Shopping Sites in India”, Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol 20 no. 2, Pg.1-7.
  • Prof. Sivakumar Alur & Prof. Sulagna Mukherjee (2015), “ – Fishing on the Net” Ivey publishing.
  • Prof. Sushanta Kumar Sarma (2015), “Data Collection in Organizational Research: Experiences from Field” International Journal of Rural Management, SAGE Publications, Pg. 75-81.
  • Prof. Durga Prasad, Kulbir Singh, S. R. Vishwanath,(2015) “Kingfisher Airlines Limited: Debt Restructuring”, IVEY Publishing.
  • Prof. Bhattacharjee S, Debkumar Chakrabarti (2015) “Indian IT outsourcing industry: Future threats and challenges –Areassessment” Futures, Elsevier Ltd , Vol. 67, pg. 11-21
  • Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Yangyang Chen, Paul Y. Dou, S.Ghon Rhee & Cameron Truong “National Culture and Corporate Cash Holdings around the World”, Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol. 50, January 2015, Pg. 1-18


Prof. Sushanta Kumar Sarma & Prof. Animesh Bahadur (2015) “Who will bear the torch now?” EdgeFarm – CII WR HR Case study writing competition 2015.

Faculty Publications 2014

  • Prof. Debmallya Chattterjee (2014) ‘Can fuzzy extension of Delphi-Analytical hierarchy process improve hospital site selection?’, Int. Journal of Intercultural information management (ABDC-C), Vol. 4, Nos. 2/3, pp. 113-128
  • Prof. James P.S. Gemini V. Joy & N. Senthil Kumar, (2014) “Value-Based Promotion – A Consumer Retention Tool in Electronics Goods Market” Int. J. Value Chain Management, Vol. 7, No. 2, Pg. 124-133.
  • Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Viet Do, Robert Faff, Paul Lajbcygier,Mikhail Tupitsyn (2014) “Factors affecting the birth and fund flows of CTAs”, Australian Journal of Management, Pg. 1-29.
  • Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, Maria Strydom, Michael Skully (2014), Is the accrual anomaly robust to firm-level analysis?, International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol. 34, July 2014, Pg. 157-165
  • Prof. Sarma, Sushanta Kumar and Mehta, Madhavi (2014), “the Best Model for Micro-lending: Self-Help Group or Joint Liability Group?” Journal of Rural Development 33(3):247-260


Prof. Animesh Bahadur, Veena Vohra and Vishwanath Lele (2014) “Integration challenges at Trident” Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Vol.4. No.7, Pg.1-14.

Prof. Sivakumar A & Prof. Sulagna Mukherjee (2014) “ Online matrimony in India” Ivey Publishing.

Prof. Sivakumar A et al (2014) “Shree Cement – Ways to Wealth” Case centre.

Book Chapter

Prof. Rajiv V. Shah “Exploring the Need for Direct Tax Incentives for Plastic Waste Management in India” (2014), Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Environmental Taxation And Green Fiscal Reform, Chapter 17, Pg. 260-269

Faculty Publications 2013

  • Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, (2013) “Informed options trading prior to takeovers –Does the regulatory environment matter?” Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, pg- 286-305
  • Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan’s (2013) paper titled “Informed options trading prior to takeovers –Does the regulatory environment matter?” has been published in ‘A’ ranked Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money.
  • Prof. Prashant Yatgiri (2013) co-authored research paper titled “Cloud Technology as an alternative for Marketing Information System: An empirical study” has been published in the ‘International Journal of Management Research and Business Strategy’ (IJMRBS,, Vol. 2, No. 4, October 2013.
  • Prof. Kumar Kunal (2013) has published a research paper titled ‘Leadership activities and their impact on creating knowledge in organizations’ in the International Journal of Leadership studies. This journal is a publication of the Regent University School of Business & Leadership. The link to the paper is:
  • Prof. Sushanta Kumar Sarma (2013) published a case titled “ABC Development Organization” with Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies Volume: 3; Issue: 5. The case can be accessed at this link:
  • Dr. Manjunath’s (2013) paper on “Challenges in Managing Digital Resources” has been published as a first chapter in a book “ Twigging Facets of Electronic Resources” edited by Harinarayana; Sunil and Rukhminiyamma. The book is published by SDM Inst. of Mgt & research, Mysore and was released during national seminar organized by Teresian College, Mysore on Sept 28, 2013.
  • Bhattacharjee, S, Chakrabarti, D, (2013) “Heterogeneity in Indian IT-ITeS industry: is a uniform policy enough?”, Int. J. Business Information Systems, Vol.13, No. 3, pg-317-342.
  • Kidiyoor, G.H, (2013) “Obsolescence Risk in Business Buying of High-Technology Products”, IIMS Journal of Management Science, Vol.4, No. 1, pg-01 -18.
  • James, P. S, Thomas, A.K, Vivek, N. (2013) “Co-creating Luxury Hotel Services: A Framework development”, Life Science Journal, Vol.10, No. 7s, pg- 1005-1012.
  • Kumar, A. J. & Sivakumar, A. (2013) “Primacy: Global Design from India?”, Ivey Publishing.
  • Sivakumar A, Schoormans, J (2013) “Retailers and new product acceptance in India’s base of pyramid (BoP) markets -propositions for research”, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Vol.41,No. 3, pg- 189-200.

Faculty Publications Faculty Publications 2012

  • Bhattacharjee, S. (2012) “Efficiency dynamics and sustainability of the Indian IT-ITeS industry: An empirical investigation using DEA”, IIMB Management Review, Vol. 20, pp 1- 12.
  • Kumar, A. J. & Chakrabarti, A. (2012) “Bounded Awareness and Tacit Knowledge’s Revisiting Challenger Disaster”, Journal of knowledge Management.
  • Kidiyoor, G. (2012) “Sidhu’s Predicament”, Adarsh Journal of Management Research, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp 68-71.
  • Kidiyoor, G. (2012) “For A Few Rupees More (Case A, B & C)”, Journal of Case Research, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp 63-71.
  • Bhattacharjee, S, Chakrabarti,D (2012) “Financial Liberalization, Financing Constraint and Indian Manufacturing Sector”, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 158, No. 6, pg-61-67.
  • James P.S, Thomas, A.K( 2012), “Surrogate Buyers in Corporate Buying of Luxury Hotel Rooms”, European Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 4, No. 12, pg-20-24.
  • Sivakumar A, Dey, K, (2012- 13), “Do Futures Benefit Indian Coffee Producers?”, International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies, Vol. 5, No. 4, pg-318 – 341
  • James P.S, Thomas A.K, “Responsible & Sustainable Green Business Practices: An Empirical Case Study on Successful Luxury Resort”, Asia Pacific Journal of Management and Entrepreneuship, Vol 1, No. 3, pg-330-348.
  • Sarma S.K, Review of the book- “The Institutional Logic Perspective: A New Approach to Culture, Structure and Process, Organization Studies”, Vol. 34, No. 1, p 133-136.

Books/Book Chapters:

Manjuanatha K and Shivalingaiah (2009) has jointly contributed a chapter on “Current Trends in IT and its application in Academic Libraries” published in Book titled Dynamic in DigitalInformation Systems published by Ess Ess Publications, New Delhi,2010.

Articles 2010:

  • Prof. Avinash Paranjape – “Regulatory Arbitrage: Capital as Entry Barrier”. Economic Times June 1, 2010. Pp. 15.
  • Prof. Avinash Paranjape – “Balancing Act”. Business India (843) July 11, 2010. Pp 42 & 44.
  • Prof. Avinash Paranjape – “Base Rate: A New Beginning “. Business India (844) July 12-25, 2010. Pp 52 & 54.
  • Prof. Avinash Paranjape – “Go for it this Time “. July 26-Aug 8, 2010. Pp 46 & 48.
  • Dr. Gururaj Kidiyoor – “Key Success Strategies for Marketing of High Technology Products : A Review . Dristikon- Management journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD,2(2), Pp 25-41.
  • Manjuanatha K (2009) – Technology and customer expectation on academic libraries: A special reference to technical/management libraries in Karnataka. The International Information & Library Review (Elsevier Publication) 41, 184-195.
  • Dr. Manjunatha K – Direct Marketing: Select Bibliography. Vikalpa, 35(1), Jan-Mar, 2010. Pp 147-151.
    Relationship,” Indore Management Journal [IIM-Indore], Vol. 1 (3), Oct-Dec, pp. 1-33.
  • Dr. Manjuantha K; Sheshadri, KN and Shivalingaiah, D – “Key concepts and their Associations in LIS Research In India: An Analysis of Doctoral Dissertations. Information Age, 4(2), Apr- June, 2010. Pp 5-14. This journal is from Univ. of Nagpur.
  • Manjuanatha K – Social Justice: A Bibliography. Vikalpa 35(2), Apr-Jun,2010:155-160.
  • Dr. Natarajan, R C (2009) – “Relationship between Trust and Monitoring—An Experimental Study of Principal-Agent